Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Bradenton: How We Provide Industry-Specific Cleanings

At JAN-PRO® of Manasota, we provide comprehensive cleanings to all kinds of businesses, from schools to offices, restaurants, manufacturing centers, hospitals, gyms, religious facilities, and more. Our commercial cleaning company is able to deliver consistently high-quality cleaning because we take an industry-specific approach in Bradenton. We appreciate that every business, despite industry, is going to have needs that are […]

Keep Your Facility Shining with Janitorial Services in Bradenton

Being a business owner or manager in Bradenton means shouldering a huge amount of responsibility, not the least of which includes protecting the health and safety of your patrons and staff. JAN-PRO® of Manasota can help you do that with our detailed janitorial services. A thorough cleaning from JAN-PRO of Manasota can do everything from making a positive impression on potential clients […]

Business Cleaning in Bradenton Can Keep Your Business at its Best

Every Bradenton area business owner and office manager knows that first impressions are important and that having a space that looks and feels clean and comfortable is essential. That’s why so many consider having regular business cleanings from trusted professionals at JAN-PRO® of Manasota to be an essential part of their company schedule. The industry-leading products and techniques […]

How We Set A Standard For Professional Office Cleaning Services in Sarasota

When one person in the office gets sick, it can quickly have a ripple effect. Suddenly, the entire office is sniffling or coughing, and getting any work done is harder than ever. Having a professional office cleaning service come in on a regular basis throughout the week can drastically reduce the risk of that happening. But just […]

How Commercial Cleaning Contracts in Sarasota Mean Big Opportunities

If you’re interested in building a new business in Sarasota, you may have already considered commercial cleaning contracts. This industry, which nets a tidy $78 billion per year in America, is one that continues to be lucrative despite the boom or bust cycles of the economy. Unlike residential cleaning, which can be the first service […]

Janitorial Companies in Bradenton: 3 Tips For Choosing Your Service

It’s true what they say: first impressions matter. That’s especially true when a customer enters your retail space or a client steps into your office for a meeting. The cleanliness of your space can send a message to the people you work with. For a business in Bradenton, janitorial companies can save you from making a less-than-pleasant impression […]

Custodial Services for Schools in Bradenton

Are you wondering what qualities you should be looking for when choosing a custodial service for your school in Bradenton? At JAN-PRO® of Manasota, we understand the unique cleaning challenges that schools face on a daily basis, and we’re prepared to make your school a safer, healthier space where learning can be the main focus. Read […]

Professional Office Cleaning in Sarasota: Risks and Rewards

Are you putting your business at risk by failing to partner with a professional office cleaning service? Without the help of an expert cleaning team, your office in Sarasota may not be a hygienic workplace for your employees or a professional space that instills confidence in your clients. At JAN-PRO® of Manasota, we understand that businesses are concerned […]