10 Advantages of Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services 

Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is crucial for restaurant owners and managers to ensure the success of their establishments. It affects the health and safety of staff and customers and plays a vital role in creating a positive dining experience. Nowadays, many businesses choose to hire janitorial restaurant cleaning services to ensure their establishment […]

Restaurant Cleaning & The Importance of Clean Restrooms

If you own or manage a restaurant, poor cleanliness and lax hygiene standards are ingredients for failure. Customers don’t want to eat in an unclean dining area or buy food that was made in an unsanitary kitchen. With substandard restaurant cleaning practices, you can expect plenty of one-star reviews and trouble generating repeat business. In […]

Industry Focus: Restaurant Cleaning

Industry Focus: Restaurant Cleaning When it comes to the food service industry, cleaning is essential. No-one comes under more scrutiny for the cleanliness of their business than restaurant owners. At JAN-PRO®, we understand this as well as anyone. With our years of restaurant cleaning experience, we know the importance of an exceptional clean in any […]