Industry Focus: Restaurant Cleaning

Posted on June 19, 2017

Industry Focus: Restaurant Cleaning

When it comes to the food service industry, cleaning is essential. No-one comes under more scrutiny for the cleanliness of their business than restaurant owners. At JAN-PRO®, we understand this as well as anyone. With our years of restaurant cleaning experience, we know the importance of an exceptional clean in any restaurant and the challenges restaurant owners and managers face when it comes to professional cleaning.

Unique Cleaning Concerns for Restaurants

Cleaning a restaurant is a completely different ballgame compared to cleaning other workplaces. There are a wide range of cleaning challenges that are unique to the food service industry. Here are just a few of the biggest restaurant cleaning challenges:

  • Health Code Compliance. Just the hint of a health code violation can send a restaurant scrambling. Professional restaurant cleaning needs to be on top of any and all health code compliance issues.
  • Kitchen & Food Storage Cleaning. There are few areas as challenging for inexperienced cleaners to get right as a restaurant’s food prep and storage areas. Cleaning a restaurant’s kitchen and storage requires skill, experience, and the right cleaning equipment/solutions.
  • Customer Expectations. When customers come into your restaurant, they have higher expectations of cleanliness than they would in almost any other place of business. The right restaurant cleaning vendor is essential for meeting customer expectations.
  • Bathroom Cleaning. Your bathrooms see an extraordinary level of traffic, and can make or break a customer’s experience.

JAN-PRO’s Restaurant Cleaning Services

If you own or manage a restaurant, JAN-PRO can provide you with the restaurant cleaning services you need to keep health inspectors and customers smiling. Our cleaners are trusted by restaurants across America, helping them achieve a five-star reputation for cleanliness and safety. Here are some of the biggest advantages to choosing JAN-PRO for your restaurant cleaning needs:

  • Code & Regulatory Expertise. Our owner/operators are knowledgeable in all local health codes and workplace safety regulations. We can help ensure compliance for your restaurant.
  • Kitchen-Friendly Cleaning. We have access to a wide range of professional-grade cleaning supplies, including the ideal materials for cleaning and sanitization food service areas.
  • Spick & Span Results. We’ll make sure that your restaurant is clean enough to wow any customer, with spotless and sparkling results from your entrance to your restrooms.
  • Five-Star Service. Whatever your restaurant’s specific cleaning needs or concerns, the team from your local JAN-PRO will go the extra mile to make sure you receive five-star service.

For a no-cost restaurant cleaning consultation and quote, contact your local JAN-PRO office today at 866-355-1064.