Who has time to clean and blog about it? Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting does! When it comes to cleaning, Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting doesn’t mess around – so if you don’t know the first thing about commercial cleaning or just need a few quick cleaning tips, Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting has you covered.

COVID-19 + Cold & Flu Season = Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting

This year, we have already had to deal with COVID-19, which still has no vaccine and is still a massive public health threat. Now it is cold & flu season, which is can be dangerous and deadly on its own! Combine the two and the risks are exponentially higher! In these unprecedented times, employee health […]

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Top-Of-Mind Priority: Employee Peace of Mind

Now that the number of new Coronavirus cases is slowly decreasing, employees will soon be making their way back into work. Many of these associates are probably excited in some way, shape, or form – and the vast majority of them are probably very anxious as well. After social distancing, quarantining, and becoming hyper-germaphobic for […]

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COVID-19: Commercial Cleaning Steps to Re-opening

When COVID-19 finally begins to become more stabilized, businesses can finally prepare to get back to work. Whether you run an auto dealership, bank, daycare, gym, hospital, medical center, office, restaurant, religious organization, school, or other commercial property, deep cleaning your building before you re-open your doors matters now more than ever. Regardless of how […]

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Combatting Coronavirus: The Science of Commercial Cleaning

Coronaviruses are enveloped viruses. They’re pathogenic to humans, meaning they make you sick. The bad news: Coronavirus statistics are staggering – and they’re climbing rapidly. Without a vaccine for this deadly disease, what can you do to protect yourself, your business, and your constituents from it? Some good news: The lipid membrane of enveloped viruses […]

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Help Reduce Absenteeism and Protect Employees from Coronavirus

As the death toll and number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States continue to rise, employee health is now more important than ever. Good hygiene practices and clean, sterile environments are paramount to keeping employees safe and helping to prevent the spread of this deadly epidemic. Obviously, the best form of good hygiene […]

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Staycations Improve Productivity

Staycations give workers a perfect way to save money by staying at home for a vacation week to take advantage of local attractions with your family without having to book a hotel or a resort. This will give you an opportunity to reconnect with your friends and family without putting a major dent in your […]

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