Why Good Workplace Hygiene is Crucial for Your Health

You expect the best performance from your employees throughout the work week. Providing a tidy, hygienic work environment is crucial to their performance and overall health. It shows you respect their well-being and care about their needs, enhancing productivity levels. You also promote healthy habits that carry over into other business aspects. However, maintaining cleanliness […]

Cleaning Services for Businesses & Cost Transparency

  Cleaning services for businesses should never sweep problems under the rug. Yet when it comes to energy efficiency and workplace health, some cleaning vendors do exactly that. To reduce costs, these vendors use lower quality cleaning products. These vendors then conceal the long-term costs of their services, which can result in bloated energy bills […]

Cleaning Services for Businesses in Vancouver, WA: Beautifying Building Entrances

  At JAN-PRO® of Portland & Vancouver, our cleaning services for businesses in the Vancouver, WA area don’t just make the interior of your facility cleaner, more appealing, and easier to work in. We also focus on beautifying the entrance to your building to promote a positive first impression of your business. We’re proud of […]

The Benefits of Healthy Cleaning Services for Businesses

When businesses choose JAN-PRO® cleaning services, they’re choosing a healthier clean. That’s because our cleaning services for businesses include a range of healthy features, including ProTeam® air-filtration vacuums, EnviroShield® disinfection, and color-coded microfiber materials. These features can deliver significant improvements to employee health and wellness, reducing costs related to absenteeism, and boosting productivity. Despite these […]