The Ultimate Fitness Center Cleaning Checklist

Cleanliness is not just necessary for fitness centers – it’s a cornerstone for your clients’ health, safety, and satisfaction. Maintaining a spotless gym environment allows your members to focus on their fitness goals and enjoy their wellness journey in a pleasant and germ-free setting. Of course, how well you perform gym cleaning also directly impacts […]

How Clean Should a Gym Be?

Cleanliness is essential for running a successful gym. Considering the high foot traffic and humidity, the environment can often be a breeding ground for germs if not correctly and regularly cleaned. The lack of routine cleaning can negatively impact the facility. Regular patrons could be deterred from returning to the facility, or encouraged to cancel […]

The 5 Germiest Places in Your Gym

The 5 Germiest Places in Your Gym It’s no surprise that the average gym is filled with germs and bacteria. Without a rigorous gym cleaning plan in place, it’s all too easy for bacteria to take over your fitness facility. To protect your staff, your customers, and your facility, you need a team that can identify, […]

Industry Focus: Gym Cleaning

Industry Focus: Gym Cleaning As a gym owner, you are your customers’ greatest ally in their efforts to stay fit. But when it comes to keeping your facility in shape, your greatest ally is your gym’s commercial cleaning provider. At JAN-PRO®, our janitorial experts have been providing professional gym cleaning services for over two decades. With our expertise […]