Professional Office Cleaning Services in Richmond

At JAN-PRO® of Richmond, we know how important it is to keep your office clean and in compliance with OSHA standards. That’s why our office cleaning services are conducted by highly trained experts who go above and beyond for every client. With our expert cleaning strategies, superior technology, and years of experience, we can give your […]

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services in Hopewell

The safety of your employees relies on effective cleaning. By working with our team at JAN-PRO® of Richmond, you’ll be working with a team of professionals that’s dedicated to bringing local businesses cleaning services they can depend on. By utilizing a complete range of proven products and comprehensive strategies, we’re able to bring Hopewell, VA area businesses commercial […]

Expert Commercial Cleaning Services in Petersburg

Welcome to JAN-PRO® of Richmond! We are the top source for professional and effective commercial cleaning services throughout Petersburg, VA and the nearby areas. With an emphasis on high-quality, detail-oriented work, we provide businesses of all types with clean, safe, and healthy workspaces. By relying on our unique and proven three-system process, as well as our extensive […]

Health-Focused Commercial Cleaning Services in Richmond

Are you in search of a commercial cleaning service in Richmond that can make your workplace safer and healthier? At JAN-PRO® of Richmond, we offer health-focused cleaning services that knock out germs and bacteria, improve indoor air quality, and help promote a healthier space for your employees and clients. Utilizing our high-tech tools and eco-friendly formulas, we’ll […]

Reliable Janitorial Services in Richmond

JAN-PRO® of Richmond is your source for trustworthy janitorial services in the Richmond area conducted by trained professionals. Our cleaning crews are lead by our owner-operators who’ve gone through the comprehensive JAN-PRO five-week certification process. This means you get a more accountable and attentive service from people deeply invested in your satisfaction. Our state of the […]

Our Janitorial Services in Hopewell

For businesses based in Hopewell and the surrounding area, JAN-PRO® of Richmond can provide comprehensive and vigorous deep cleanings that minimize germ transfer and leave you with a spotless, healthy work environment. Our janitorial services use state-of-the-art equipment, paired with time-tested cleaning practices and systems that are specific to our company. The result is reliable cleanings that don’t […]

Janitorial Services in Petersburg Help Your Facility Be its Best

There’s no question the cleanliness of a space plays a big part in terms of how well it functions, and how well people function within it. In order to maintain a consistently high level of cleanliness for your Petersburg area facility, you need the janitorial services of a trusted, professional team like JAN-PRO® of Richmond. We help […]

How Our Professional Office Cleaning Service in Richmond Delivers On A Cleaning Promise

When anyone spends eight or more hours in any one spot, it’s inevitable that germs are going to be an issue. Workplaces are where germs and bacteria often proliferate, but proper, professional office cleaning services can help to put a stop to that. That’s where JAN-PRO® of Richmond can help. We know that one of the most effective ways to […]