Essential Restroom Maintenance Practices for Businesses

Working with local commercial cleaning companies alongside implementing your own best practices can significantly reduce the number and diversity of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens threatening the health of your staff and customer base. JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Central Alabama identifies some essential restroom cleanliness practices you can adopt below. Contact us to request a […]

Why Summer Is the Best Time for Commercial Window Cleaning?

As you plan your summer facility service, you will likely focus on deep cleaning your restrooms, break rooms, and other commonly used areas. Remember to add commercial window cleaning to the to-do list! Your business’s windows aren’t just a noticeable architectural feature—they can impact the overall cleanliness of the property and the health of your […]

Deep Dive: The Difference Between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial businesses require cleaning services to maintain a clean and pristine environment for their employees and customers alike. A well-maintained workplace promotes health and safety, enhances productivity, and leaves a positive impression on clients and visitors. Cleanliness is a crucial factor in creating a welcoming atmosphere and can significantly impact a business’s overall success and […]

All You Need to Know About Warehouse Floor Cleaning

Maintaining a clean and organized warehouse is essential to ensure smooth business operations. Warehouse floors endure daily heavy foot traffic, forklift movement, spills, and even debris accumulation. Thoroughly cleaning these floors is necessary to maintain safety and operational efficiency in your space. Hiring a warehouse floor cleaning service provider offers various benefits to your facility, […]

What Exactly is Commercial Cleaning and What Can My Business Get From It?

Cleanliness is an important factor for any business. Clean commercial spaces can affect employee productivity and how customers see your brand. While hiring your own cleaners is an option, it can be costly and deviate your attention from your business’s core operations. In this case, the most practical solution is to hire a professional commercial […]

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist: The Ultimate Guide

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean and compliant is crucial to your business’s long-term success. In the busyness of owning a restaurant, essential cleaning tasks can easily become lost in the fray. But neglecting any steps in the cleaning process can lead to health code violations, business shutdowns, and even lawsuits.  That’s why successful businesses follow […]

Why You Need Professional Help When Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors

Keeping your business’s tile floors clean may be low on your priority list. After all, can’t you just mop the floors at the end of the night and be done with it?  In reality, thoroughly cleaning commercial tile is a task that involves expertise, strategy, and the right equipment. Neglecting professional attention for your tile […]

Warehouse Cleaning Tips You Need to Know

Effective warehouse management requires a high degree of efficiency and organization. A well-organized warehouse ensures that products are easily accessible, inventory is maintained accurately, and space is utilized optimally, leading to faster operations and reduced errors.  In this regard, professional warehouse cleaning is a crucial aspect of maintaining this high level of efficiency and organization. […]