Signs You Need Business Cleaning Services in Louisville

From bad reviews on social media to poor worker performance, in the competitive world of businesses there are hundreds of ways your company can falter. While you want to do everything you can to make sure your business is a success, the solution to your Louisville-area company’s problems might be as simple as hiring a professional […]

Office Cleaning Services for Your Louisville-Area Facility

The atmosphere in your office can have a huge affect on your workers’ productivity. While you want to make sure your office is a comfortable and enjoyable place your workers will want to come to every day, oftentimes, without a professional office environment workers will take their duties less seriously. At JAN-PRO® of Kentucky, we understand […]

Benefits of Customized Commercial Cleaning in Louisville

From late nights, to long meetings, you have put endless hours into making sure your business stands out from your competitors. Now, why would you rely on a commercial cleaning service that treats your Louisville-area company like one of the crowd? At JAN-PRO® of Kentucky, we understand that each business has a unique set of […]

Louisville’s Healthcare Cleaning Service Specialists 

When it comes to a medical business, there is nothing more important than the confidence and trust of your patrons. To earn that, you ensure that your services – be they dental, surgical, therapeutic or otherwise – are provided by skilled technicians and held to the highest standard. At JAN-PRO® of Kentucky in Louisville we do just […]

Louisville’s School Cleaning Company of Choice

As a school administrator, you play a vital role in preparing our children for the future. While you keep their minds and bodies active, we can help you keep them healthy, too. With JAN-PRO® of Kentucky, our regular cleanings can eliminate the common but harmful bacteria, germs, and viruses that are brought into your school […]

Our Janitorial Services in Louisville

Choosing the right janitorial service for your Louisville-area business can be a difficult. While a number of janitorial services in the Louisville area rely on one-size-fits-all cleaning methods, cleaners who use this approach often aren’t equipped to handle cleaning challenges specific to your industry. When you choose the janitorial services from JAN-PRO® of Kentucky for […]

Louisville’s Janitorial Cleaning Experts

Appearances are important. It can take only a second for investors, customers, or other crucial clientele to form an impression of you and your business. Why not give yourself the upper hand with a clean, attractive office? At JAN-PRO® of Kentucky, we provide janitorial cleanings for Louisville-area businesses. With our local, personal touch, our proprietary […]

JAN-PRO® of Kentucky: Commercial Cleaning For All Businesses

A clean business is a productive business. A tidy, germ-free workspace isn’t just attractive to your clients and customers – it also helps prevent contamination and illness amongst your employees. At JAN-PRO of Kentucky, we combine a hands-on, attentive approach with professional, cutting-edge technology. The result is an immaculate space that is free of dirt, […]