Commercial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia: 4 Things You Should Know

Are you hesitating to hire a commercial cleaning service for your business in Philadelphia because of your lack of knowledge of what commercial cleaning entails? At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, our professional team of commercial cleaners works to make your commercial property a better place for business, improving the well-being and comfort of your employees while […]

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Philadelphia: Security is Key

Wondering how you can balance the security concerns of your business in Philadelphia with the cleaning needs of your office? Hiring a janitorial cleaning service you can trust will give you peace of mind that your office is both clean and secure. At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, we make it a priority to adhere to strict […]

Your Office Cleaning Services Checklist in Philadelphia

Are you wondering what types of office cleaning services you should expect a professional commercial cleaner to provide? At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, we know that it takes nothing less than a comprehensive deep clean to keep your business office healthy and comfortable. That’s why we offer thorough office cleaning services and customizable cleaning plans for […]

Start a Cleaning Business in Philadelphia

Are you hoping to start a cleaning business of your own in Philadelphia, West Chester, King of Prussia, Lansdale, Willow Grove, or a nearby town? At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, we can help ensure that your business endeavor is on the path to success. When you get started as a JAN-PRO franchisee, you’ll have the full […]

Advanced Medical Cleaning Procedures in Philadelphia

If you operate a healthcare facility in Philadelphia such as a dentist’s office or medical practice, you likely need a professional medical cleaning company to help you maintain a sanitary environment. At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, our MedMetrix® cleaning program has been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of medical facilities. Whether your office is […]

Janitorial Services in Philadelphia: What to Ask When Receiving a Quote

Are you intending to hire a commercial cleaner for the first time, or are you looking for a change from your current janitorial services provider? Selecting the best cleaning company for your business in Philadelphia is critical. That’s why it’s important to take the time to do plenty of research and gather information about commercial […]

Business Cleaning Services in Philadelphia: Key Areas of Your Office

Is your office in Philadelphia a clean, comfortable place where your employees can focus on achieving more rather than worrying about their health? If you have poor indoor air quality, unsanitary bathrooms, or a dirty break room, you may want to consider how this can affect your employees’ health and productivity. At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, […]

Guaranteed Commercial Cleaning in Philadelphia

At JAN-PRO® of Philadelphia, we understand how important it is to provide commercial cleaning services businesses can count on. Without a reliable cleaning service, business owners and managers can be left worrying about their facility’s first impression, as well as its safety and hygiene. To make sure we give our clients complete peace of mind in […]