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Trusted. Clean. Guaranteed. It’s not just what we say – it’s who we are.

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We’re the best in the commercial cleaning business for a reason.


We mean clean, but only when we confirm it’s clean.


We care as deeply as we clean – and we guarantee it.


Every JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisee goes through the most in-depth certification in the industry. Certified franchisees are uniformed, bonded, and insured – so you can trust the same reliable team to get the job done safely, consistently, and professionally.

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JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting certified franchisees use the most advanced products and equipment to ensure clean, healthy environments. Between hospital-strength disinfectants, HEPA-rated vacuums, high-performance cloths and mops, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, and JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting’s extensive inspection checklist to measure its work, no spot, nook, or cranny is overlooked.



Every cleaning company promises great service – but only JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting guarantees it. All routine cleans are completed on time. Any service issues are resolved within one business day. Cleaning franchisees offer a complimentary cleaning if it falls short on these promises. When it’s all said and done, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting tells you what they do, do what they say, and mean it – Every Time.

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When you work with JAN-PRO of Tampa, you’re working with one of the most trusted janitorial companies in the area. Our clients receive access to exclusive JAN-PRO systems and technologies, including EnviroShield®: the most advanced disinfection method in the commercial cleaning industry. Click below to learn more about how JAN-PRO cleaners – including JAN-PRO of Tampa – commit themselves to excellence, and how we set our services apart from other Tampa Bay-area janitorial companies.

The best janitorial companies are dedicate to industry-specific cleaning skills and hold themselves accountable with strict internal standards. At JAN-PRO of Tampa, we’ve been certified under JAN-PRO’s Signature Clean® program. Through Signature Clean®, janitorial companies are tested and accredited for their ability to clean industry-specific spaces, such as schools, medical offices, and day care centers.

Signature Clean® certification also comes with a commitment to the best, most effective cleaning methods available and access to exclusive JAN-PRO systems and technologies. When you work with JAN-PRO of Tampa, you gain access to:

  • EnviroShield®. EnviroShield® is the most advanced disinfection system in the cleaning industry. It has a hospital-strength, 99% kill rate for germs, bacteria, and viruses, but is completely safe for humans and the environment. It is also residue-free, with a patented misting system that makes it effective on practically any surface, including keyboards and carpeting.
  • JAN-PRO Technics®JAN-PRO Technics® is proprietary software that JAN-PRO companies use to help plan and schedule our janitorial services. This system looks for efficiencies wherever possible, helping you make the most of your investment.
  • JAN-PRO Tracker®With JAN-PRO Tracker®, we measure the work accomplished by our cleaning teams. This system uses regular, 50-point assessments to evaluate our results. Any time we spot room for improvement, we take action, often instituting changes on the spot.
  • The JAN-PRO of Tampa Guarantee. No other janitorial company in Tampa offers a guarantee like ours: if you spot an issue with one of our cleanings, we promise to fix it within two business days. If we ever fail to meet this commitment, your next cleaning comes free.

Our dedication to cleaning excellence goes beyond these branded services. Signature Clean® companies, like JAN-PRO of Tampa, use the smartest, most effective, and most efficient systems and technologies available. We train our staff in eco-friendly cleaning procedures to reduce harsh chemical use. We color-code our cleaning materials so that the mops and cloths used in your bathrooms don’t get used elsewhere. And we use HEPA vacuums to clean while improving air quality. With JAN-PRO of Tampa, you can expect excellence in every facet of our services.

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