Start a Cleaning Business in Tampa

Have you always wanted to be a business owner? When you start a cleaning business with JAN-PRO® of Tampa Bay, you can succeed in your business endeavors thanks to our extensive experience in the commercial cleaning industry. Whether you’re based in Tampa, Brooksville, Lakeland, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or a neighboring community, JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay has plenty of flexible franchising plans to offer. Read on for details about the benefits of opening a cleaning company as a JAN-PRO franchisee.

Start a Cleaning Business in Tampa as a JAN-PRO Franchisee

New to the world of commercial cleaning? You don’t have to worry about your inexperience in cleaning or business ownership when you purchase a franchise. We’ll make sure you have the support that you need to succeed in this dynamic industry. As a leader in commercial cleaning, JAN-PRO has developed its approach to customer service and high-quality cleaning over many years, and we’re excited to share the keys to our success with you. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you start a cleaning business in Tampa with us:

  • A five-week training course. Our five-week certification program doesn’t just cover the basics of commercial cleaning. It goes in-depth to teach you our proven methodology, called the JAN-PRO Signature Clean®. After you graduate from our training course, you’ll be prepared to deliver cleaning services according to our high standards.
  • Built-in customers in your local area. Part of the advantage of working with a trusted brand name like JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay is having a customer base in your area. And since we provide you with built-in customers, you don’t have to fret about polishing your sales skills or acquiring clients when you start a cleaning business.
  • Guidance on equipment. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about the JAN-PRO Technics® suite of cleaning technologies, which help you deliver precise, hygienic results and outrun traditional cleaning techniques by a long shot.
  • Flexibility in your growth. Hoping to start a cleaning business as a secondary source of income? Want to grow your business at your own pace? JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay allows you to be flexible in your expansion, meaning we’ll be here to support you when you’re ready to experience more growth in your business.

For details about how you can start a cleaning business in the Tampa area, contact JAN-PRO of Tampa Bay today at (813) 864-1940. We’ll assist you as you review our franchising options for Tampa, Brooksville, Lakeland, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and the surrounding communities.

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