Dental Office Cleaning in Bridgeport: What You Should Expect

Posted on October 10, 2019

It’s tough to operate a safe and sanitary dental clinic without a dental office cleaning service that you can rely on. At JAN-PRO® of Southern Connecticut, we deliver top-notch cleaning services for dental offices in Bridgeport, New Haven, Norfolk, and nearby communities, adhering to strict standards in the process. Our expert team enables you to provide your patients and staff members with a hygienic environment for dental procedures. Read on to learn more about why you can maintain high expectations for our services.


Our Strict Protocol For Dental Office Cleaning in Bridgeport

As experts in dental office cleaning, we know that your facility in Bridgeport has unique needs that differentiate it from other types of medical clinics. Not only does your office contain different equipment than a general healthcare facility, but it also has different patient areas that require a specific approach to cleaning. In addition, the types of contagions found in dental offices can also be distinguished from those that appear in hospitals or doctors’ offices, and thus appropriate measures must be taken to combat these pathogens.

At JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, we work according to strict protocol to provide dental offices in Bridgeport with the meticulous results they demand. All of our owner-operators have been trained in medical cleaning and disinfection. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all medical cleaning approach, we’ll take the unique needs of your facility into account to develop a plan that is carefully tailored to the requirements of your dental office.

Your dental office’s customized cleaning plan will include practices that adhere to the following protocol:


  • Color-coded cleaning to contain the spread of germs between sensitive areas
  • Use of backpack vacuums that go above and beyond HEPA standards for clean air
  • Green cleaning techniques that minimize the volume of product used
  • Hospital strength disinfection, including the option of wall-to-wall germ elimination
  • Cleaning conducted by certified owner-operators with expertise in dental office cleaning

Don’t hesitate to make your dental practice a safer, healthier space for both your patients and your staff members. Get started with our dental office cleaning services today by calling JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut at (203) 299-0214 to schedule a free consultation in Bridgeport, New Haven, Norwalk, or a community in the surrounding areas.