Advanced Commercial Cleaning Services in Norwalk

Posted on June 23, 2020

When it comes to keeping your office clean, turn to the experts. At JAN-PRO® of Southern Connecticut, we utilize a complete range of cutting-edge services, proven products, and painstakingly-developed strategies to bring local businesses top-of-the-line cleaning services. By maintaining some of the highest cleaning standards in the industry, we provide Norwalk, CT businesses with commercial cleaning services that they can count on.

Why choose the cleaning services we offer at JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut over the competition? When you work with us, you’re working with a team that’s dedicated to bringing you solutions tailored to suit your business’ needs. We’ll work with you to create a custom-tailored commercial cleaning solution for your space, bringing your employees a safer environment.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

There are several distinct characteristics of our commercial cleaning service that can’t be found at other cleaning companies. We use a proprietary series of systems and programs to ensure our services are consistently held to the highest standard.

Here’s a quick overview of a few of the different aspects of our service and how we use them to keep local businesses clean:

  • JAN-PRO Technics®To keep maintain a top-notch standard of cleanliness in local businesses, we utilize our proprietary JAN-PRO Technics® system. This collection of high-quality products and specialized tools allows us to keep your work surfaces disinfected, cleaned, and safe for your staff. With specialized cleaning cloths, HEPA filter vacuums, and wide range of eco-friendly products, we ensure consistent service.
  • JAN-PRO Signature Clean®. Our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® system is our system of brand standards. All JAN-PRO owner-operators are required to undergo a five-week training course to get certified in this comprehensive system, ensuring our high standard of service is consistent among all JAN-PRO locations. This system includes points addressing minimizing desktop disruption while providing complete cleaning solutions.
  • MedMetrix®. We’re committed to providing comprehensive service for our customers in the medical field. Our MedMetrix® is the program that we use for medical offices, consisting of a specialized series of standards and specific precautions designed to minimize exposure and risk, keeping your staff safer.

Norwalk’s Premier Commercial Cleaning Services

At JAN-PRO of Southern Connecticut, we take pride in serving local businesses. We provide our services to commercial spaces in the following areas:

  • Norwalk
  • New Haven
  • Bridgeport
  • Fairfield
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

To get started with our commercial cleaning services in Norwalk, CT, contact us today at (203) 299-0214!