Reliable Janitorial Services in Richmond

Posted on April 13, 2020

JAN-PRO® of Richmond is your source for trustworthy janitorial services in the Richmond area conducted by trained professionals. Our cleaning crews are lead by our owner-operators who’ve gone through the comprehensive JAN-PRO five-week certification process. This means you get a more accountable and attentive service from people deeply invested in your satisfaction.

Our state of the art three-system procedure means we’re able to provide top quality cleaning every time. We run everything based on our stringent JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standards and use only the highest quality JAN-PRO Technics® products to carry out the job. Making the whole system run smoothly, we employ a 50-point check using our unique JAN-PRO Tracker® system. This obsession with details and focus on customer satisfaction is why 99% of our clients retain our services.

More About Our Janitorial Services in Richmond

Our trained and experienced cleaning crew will provide your business with efficient janitorial services for the ultimate clean environment. A few of our services at JAN-PRO of Richmond include:

  • EnviroShield®.Our own in-house spray method that allows access to tricky spaces that other sprays can’t get to. Kills 99.99% of bacteria and other germs and effectively disinfects a wide variety of surfaces.
  • MedMetrix®.Our system for keeping your medical office safe and spotless. We meet official standards and keep your facility running smoothly.
  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums.For cleaner air and the improved health and safety of your workplace.
  • Quiet Cleaning. Our equipment gets the job done quietly, without disrupting workflow or irritating your customers.
  • Superior Equipment. Our mops and cloths are specially designed to clean more dirt every time you swipe. This efficiency means we work quicker and do a more thorough job.
  • Color-Coding System. We use different colored cloths that correspond to different rooms of your business. This is crucial for keeping bathroom cleaning supplies away from other parts of your business, even after they’ve been washed. We never compromise on safety and strictly follow these diligent protocols.

Guaranteed Janitorial Services in Richmond and Surrounding Communities

There are many reasons why we’re able to back up our work with the toughest guarantee in our industry. With a professional approach from certified cleaning staff, we’re able to go above and beyond what other janitorial services can provide. Our team at JAN-PRO of Richmond takes pride in delivering customer satisfaction and holding ourselves accountable to rigorous standards in everything we do. We’re proud to deliver our trusted service in the following regions of:

Get more information on our guaranteed work.  Give our janitorial service experts at JAN-PRO of Richmond a call today at (804) 377-2207.