Trusted Janitorial Services in Fort Collins

Posted on April 3, 2020

JAN-PRO® of Colorado is your source for the most professional and accountable janitorial services in the Fort Collins area. We stand out with exceptional service and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our cleaning crews are always led by our owner-operators, who have a uniquely vested interest in the success of our service. This guarantees that you’ll get a more professional and trustworthy approach to your business’ janitorial needs.

Our crew leaders have all gone through an intensive five-week certification process to learn every detail of our proven three-system technique for superior cleaning. You can count on us for an experienced, detail-oriented approach that always provides the highest quality work.

More About Our Janitorial Services in Fort Collins

Our guaranteed services include several key advantages that set us apart from our competitors. These include:

  • Unique 3 System Approach. We get the job done right every time by following proven procedures. Everything runs by our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standards which use our JAN-PRO Technics® products. By using our own high quality products, we’re able to guarantee our work and provide a spotless clean you can rely on. Our JAN-PRO Tracker® system monitors everything we do with a 50-point check that helps us consistently meet our high standards.
  • EnviroShield® Disinfection. Killing germs and bacteria is vital for the safety of your workspace. Whether you’re a medical facility or a simple office, your employees deserve a safe, healthy space. Our spray system gets to more areas of your building and provides an eco-friendly spray that disinfects surfaces and kills up to 99.99% of harmful germs.
  • MedMetrix®. Our medical office cleaning service that provides the right methods for meeting any official standards.
  • Top Quality Equipment. With quiet cleaning, HEPA filtered vacuums, microfiber cloths, and flat mops, we use better tools that provide a more efficient and less disruptive clean. Our vacuums also cut down on air pollution, helping to maintain a safer workspace for everyone.
  • Color-Coding to Prevent Contamination. We use different colored materials that correspond to different rooms of your business. We strictly uphold these protocols in order to ensure that materials stay where they belong. This prevents the spread of germs from the bathroom to other areas of your building.

Guaranteed Janitorial Services in Fort Collins and Surrounding Areas

At JAN-PRO of Colorado, we bring a commitment to exceptional janitorial services that’s backed up by our powerful commercial cleaning guarantee. We proudly offer our top class, professional service in the following regions:

  • Denver
  • Fort Collins
  • Fort Morgan
  • Aurora
  • Berthod
  • Windsor
  • Greeley
  • Longmont
  • Platteville

Get more information and call JAN-PRO of Colorado at (720) 962-9060. Speak to our janitorial service experts in Fort Collins today.