Month: February 2017

Commercial Cleaning Solutions to Workplace Bathroom Odors

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. If your workplace is suffering from bathroom odors, it can have a negative effect on your business. Worker restrooms with foul smells can damage employee morale. For facilities with customer washrooms, a bad bathroom odor can leave a foul impression on visitors, doing damage to your bottom line. At Jan-Pro, … Continued

The 6 Worst Types of Employees for Workplace Hygiene

With over 25 years’ experience in janitorial services under our belts, the team at Jan-Pro has seen our fair share of workplace hygiene issues. Sometimes those issues stem from poor workplace design. Sometimes they’re the result of poor janitorial services. But many times, these issues start with workers who practice poor hygiene. Below, the janitorial … Continued

Office Cleaning Tips for the Break Room Fridge

When it comes to office cleaning, certain areas deserve extra attention. Next to your bathrooms, the break room in your office is the number one magnet for bacteria and other germs. One of the biggest problem areas in the break room is the office fridge. Between crumbs, spills, stains, and that expired yogurt no one … Continued