Janitorial Services in West Michigan: What to Ask When Receiving a Quote

Posted on June 4, 2018

One of the first steps you’ll need to take to hire a cleaning company for your business in West Michigan is to acquire a quote for their janitorial services. Some companies provide quotes via phone or email, but at JAN-PRO® of West Michigan, our friendly knowledgeable sales staff will meet with you in person for a free cleaning consultation. This visit gives us a chance to examine your facility in order to deliver the most accurate price estimate possible. It also provides you with an opportunity to have your questions about our services answered in detail. Our cleaning consultations are available for owners of businesses throughout the West Michigan area, including Kalamazoo, Holland, Muskegon, and the neighboring communities.

Your Free Janitorial Services Quote in West Michigan

When comparing different janitorial service vendors, it’s important to take into account the quality of the service you’ll be provided in West Michigan and the range of services offered. Here are some questions you can ask cleaning companies in your area to assess whether they’re a good fit for your business:

  • What types of cleaning products does the service use? Select a commercial cleaner that works with high-quality products and professional techniques so that you can be confident you’ll receive the precise results your business needs. Our team of cleaners works with state-of-the-art cleaning systems, including our suite of JAN-PRO Technics® cleaning technologies.
  • Can the company offer all the cleaning services my business requires? Make sure the cleaning vendor you choose can provide comprehensive results for your facility. Don’t forget to mention any special cleaning requests that you have and get confirmation that those services are included in your quote. You’ll also want to inquire as to the company’s experience with similar facilities in your industry.
  • Does the company offer a satisfaction guarantee for its customers? You can have peace of mind when JAN-PRO of West Michigan is your janitorial services provider thanks to our solid customer satisfaction guarantee. If your expectations are not met when we clean your facility, give us a call so that we can find a solution. If we don’t fix the problem within 24 hours, your next scheduled clean is on the house.

Get started with a free quote for our janitorial services today by calling JAN-PRO of West Michigan at (616) 200-8690 to reserve a cleaning consultation at your business in West Michigan, Kalamazoo, Holland, Muskegon, or a nearby community.