Medical Facilities Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO® of Salt Lake City

The health of your facility is critically important, especially in the medical industry. JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City pays attention to the smallest of details and goes deep to keep germs and bacteria. Our medical offices cleaning services are backed by the best team in the business and our advanced processes and technologies.

We Know Medical Facilities

When we say that we have the best team in the industry, we’re not exaggerating. Our cleaning professionals at JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City are carefully selected and undergo thorough background checks before they begin visiting our client’s facilities. Our cleaning teams are certified through our five-week training program and receive continuing education throughout their tenure with us. Our rigorous training regime ensures we are masters in our branded processes and technologies and know how to specifically handle the unique challenges of your medical offices.

Medical offices cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City come with our JAN-PRO Tracker®program. The Tracker® system is used to measure and maintain the level of our medical offices cleaning service. It uses an exhaustive 50-point checklist to ensure we meet our brand standards for a clean medical facility. The Tracker® system is used after the first cleaning visit, at the 30 day mark, and regularly after that to keep the quality of your clean consistently up to our high standards.

We equip our cleaning teams with technology that is unrivaled in the industry. JAN-PRO of Salt Lake City proudly employs the EnviroShield® disinfecting system in our medical offices cleaning service. EnviroShield® uses a cutting-edge, hospital-grade disinfectant to kill 99% of germs. It coats every surface of your facility, including desks, phones, and patient waiting areas, with a powerful, but safe, disinfectant.

Our MedMetrix® cleaning and disinfection system has been specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients in the healthcare industry. Through this program, our crew is trained to deal with the unique challenges associated with medical offices cleaning services. MedMetrix® meets the strict standards of health and cleanliness set by organizations like OSHA, AORN and the CDC.

All the products we use in our medical offices cleaning services are entirely safe for everyone in your facility as well as the environment. If you are interested in a certified green cleaning program, ask a member of our Salt Lake City cleaning team for more information about our green clean program.

By never re-using our sanitized multi-colored cloths and flat mops from one room to another, we eliminate the chance for cross-contamination and protect everyone in your facility from harmful viruses like H1N1 and over 40 others. Other outstanding services we offer include:

  • Specialized carpet and hard floor care
  • Four-filter backpack vacuums to keep air clean and breathable
  • Window and pressure washing

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