Janitorial Cleaning Services for Salt Lake City

Posted on June 29, 2017

JAN-PRO® of Utah is Salt Lake City’s trusted source for high quality janitorial cleaning services. We pride ourselves on the modern, results-focused approach that we bring to our work, and on the unyielding dedication that we bring to our customers. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment. That’s why we’re always there to make sure your workplace is cleaned by janitorial cleaning professionals. Our dedication to staying on the cutting edge of janitorial cleaning, combined with our commitment to our customers, is why JAN-PRO is ranked the number one commercial cleaner worldwide.

Our Janitorial Cleaning Staff

All JAN-PRO of Utah owner/operators undergo a rigorous training and certification process. This guarantees that each owner is an expert in JAN-PRO cleaning processes and OSHA standards. Understanding and working within cleaning regulations is crucial to maintaining the quality of our services, so we place a heavy emphasis on educating each new team member the right way the first time. Our 5-week training program covers all JAN-PRO cleaning systems and standards, training and certifying our owners in the best approaches to janitorial cleaning. This allows us to better serve our clients in the Salt Lake City and Midvale areas.

The JAN-PRO of Utah Janitorial Cleaning Approach

We strive to provide the greatest janitorial cleaning services possible. To do this, we use cutting edge cleaning technology. EnviroShield® is our exclusive disinfection system for Salt Lake City. This system eliminates 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses to ensure the absolute safety of your employees and your business environment. It attacks every surface it touches, spreading across door handles, keyboards, and areas that are often difficult to reach. A cleaner atmosphere leads to a healthier workforce, fewer absences, and stronger morale among employees.

Additionally, we use a 50-point checklist system to keep our cleaners accountable to all of our clients in the Salt Lake City area. We call this system JAN-PRO Tracker®, and it’s our way of making sure our cleaners are always maintaining strict quality standards. Our janitorial cleaning services are backed by our guarantee, responding to any service shortcomings within 24 hours. This ensures every business we serve is taken care of without issue.

For a no-cost janitorial cleaning estimate, call JAN-PRO of Utah today at 801-892-0110. We serve the greater Salt Lake City area, including Midvale.