Janitorial Business in Fort Myers: Find Independence & Success

Posted on July 15, 2019

Are you ready to invest in your future by becoming a business owner in the Fort Myers area? Starting a janitorial business as a franchisee with JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida can help you get on the right track towards independence and success. We offer affordable franchise plans in the Fort Myers area, including Estero, Naples, Cape Coral, and other communities in SW Florida, and support our franchisees throughout the journey of business ownership. Read on for details about how your janitorial business can thrive when you choose to become a franchisee.

Why Start a Janitorial Business in Fort Myers as a Franchisee?

Franchising offers a number of benefits for franchisees, from use of a recognized business name to access to leading systems and built-in support with business operations. These aspects give franchise businesses a leg up in their respective sectors, often increasing their longevity when compared to non-franchise businesses. For example, studies have shown that franchise businesses have a 70% greater survival rate than their non-franchise counterparts after a period of seven years.

When you purchase a franchise plan from JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida, you won’t just gain access to a business model that’s been proven to work. You’ll also gain the advantage of our extensive experience and positive reputation in the commercial cleaning industry. Thanks to our hard work, JAN-PRO is a brand that customers associate with exceptional customer service, industry-specific results, and a personal approach to cleaning.

How We’ll Help Your Janitorial Business in Fort Myers Succeed

We’ll take you through our step-by-step JAN-PRO Signature Clean® program as part of a five-week certification course that will prepare you to deliver cleans that meet our strict internal standards. You’ll also gain the know-how you need regarding industry-specific cleaning methods and use of our high-tech tools and branded systems.

In addition, we’ll provide you with a local customer base so that you can succeed from the get-go. Should you ever want to expand the reach of your business, we’ll be there to support you with your growth. However, you can count on us to leave the important decisions to you, ensuring that you maintain the level of independence and flexibility that makes being a business owner so rewarding.

Give JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of Southwest Florida a call today at (239) 482-8800 to learn more about opening a janitorial business in Fort Myers, Estero, Naples, Cape Coral, or another community in the SW Florida area.