Your Office Cleaning Services Checklist in Mt. Laurel

Posted on August 10, 2018

You know your office in Mt. Laurel, NJ needs cleaning. But what types of office cleaning services are needed to keep it clean, healthy, and presentable? At JAN-PRO® Cleaning Systems of the Delaware Valley, our comprehensive cleaning checklist ensures we don’t miss a detail when cleaning your office. Performing a thorough clean on a regular basis prevents the build-up of dirt, dust, grime, and germs in your employees’ workspaces. Whether your office is located in Mt. Laurel, Haddon Heights, South Jersey, or a neighboring area, we’ll meet with you in person for a free cleaning consultation to discuss how our office cleaning services can meet your needs.

Detailed Office Cleaning Services You Can Count On

Since offices contain several areas that need to be cleaned using different approaches, office cleaning is an intricate endeavor. For example, you likely have a reception area where customers and employees should be greeted by an inviting space upon walking through the door. You may also have a kitchen or kitchenette for employees, as well as bathrooms that must be kept to high standards of cleanliness. Finally, your employees’ work areas need to be well-maintained in order to promote workers’ health and productivity.

Here are just a few of the office cleaning services on our checklist that enable us to fulfill the above goals for offices in Mt. Laurel:

  • High-tech vacuuming. We vacuum carpets, mats, and hard floors with our HEPA filter vacuums. In addition to providing maximum suction for optimal dirt control, these vacuums also offer indoor air filtration to make your whole office feel fresh.
  • Detailed dusting. Dust can settle in hard-to-reach places, leading to unsightly build-up. We dust and remove cobwebs throughout the office for a cleaner, brighter appearance.
  • Intensive bathroom cleaning. We wipe down high-touch areas like towel dispensers, flush handles, and faucets with our microfiber cleaning cloths, getting rid of illness-causing bacteria and leaving behind a polished shine. We can even provide wall-to-wall disinfection with EnviroShield®, our exclusive disinfection system, upon request.
  • Kitchen check-up. Don’t let microwave gunk or sticky stains drive your employees away from your office kitchen. We use professional techniques to keep this area fresh and sanitary so it can be used as intended.

To hear about our full office cleaning services checklist, call JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems of the Delaware Valley today at (856) 547-5550. Our owner-operator will come by for an in-person meeting at your office in Mt. Laurel, Haddon Heights, South Jersey, or the surrounding communities.