Office Cleaning Services by JAN-PRO® of Southern California

Posted on August 1, 2017

A clean and comfortable workplace is essential for a happy, productive workforce. At JAN-PRO of Southern California, we specialize in cleanings for offices and other white collar workspaces in Greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Gabriel Valley. From OSHA expertise to cleaner bathrooms to smarter floor care, we have what it takes to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable workplace.

Southern California’s First Choice for Office Cleaning

At JAN-PRO of Southern California, we know that better office cleaning starts with better planning and standards. That’s why we follow JAN-PRO’s Signature Clean® system, which is founded on customized services and our industry’s top cleaning standards. When you partner with JAN-PRO of Southern California, we’ll work closely with you – through a detailed workplace cleaning assessment and by speaking with you about your biggest cleaning needs and concerns – to develop a tailor-made action plan for your office.

Our Office Cleaning Services

Partnering with JAN-PRO of Southern California means you’ll receive the strongest set of office cleaning services. These services include:

  • EnviroShield® Disinfection. Keep your workforce protected against germs, bacteria, and viruses with JAN-PRO of Southern California’s patented EnviroShield® system. This state-of-the-art system wraps treated surfaces in a non-toxic, no-residue shield that fights and protects against workplace contagions.
  • Advanced Floor Care. Our cleaners offer day-to-day and intensive floor cleaning services for a wide range of flooring types, including carpeting, tile, hardwood, marble, and concrete.
  • Health & Safety Compliance. Our cleaners will make sure your workplace meets all applicable health and safety standards.
  • Germ Focused Cleaning Methods. We use systems that target germs and bacteria in the areas where they’re most likely to transfer from person to person.
  • Smarter Strategies. JAN-PRO of Southern California cleaners use high-coverage cleaning methods that allow us to reduce harsh chemical use, resulting in a greener, safer clean.
  • Quieter Vacuuming. Our vacuums not only clean more quietly than comparable models – they also carry HEPA filters that improve air quality.

Reliable Office Cleanings

At JAN-PRO of Southern California, we believe in keeping our teams accountable. Our office cleaning program includes the use of JAN-PRO Tracker®, a patented system that uses 50-point quality checks to ensure your cleaning services never falter. We back this up with the JAN-PRO of Southern California guarantee – the strongest guarantee in our industry, and one that’s completely unique among Greater Los Angeles cleaning companies.

A cleaner, more comfortable workplace is just a call away. Contact JAN-PRO of Southern California today at (714) 220-0500 to learn more about our office cleaning services or to book your assessment.