Janitorial Business in Palo Alto: Find Independence & Success

Posted on August 6, 2019

Are you looking to start a successful janitorial business in Palo Alto, San Francisco, South San Francisco, or a community in the surrounding areas? Turn to JAN-PRO® of San Francisco to learn more about purchasing one of our flexible franchise plans. With our assistance, you can become part of one of the fastest growing commercial cleaning companies in the industry. Read on for details about opening a cleaning business as a franchisee with JAN-PRO of San Francisco.

Why Start a Janitorial Business in Palo Alto as a Franchisee?

Through franchising, a company can sell its business model to buyers, called franchisees. In turn, franchisees receive access to the brand’s tried-and-true systems and are able to utilize its widely recognized name. Not only does this give franchisees a leg up in the industry, but it also enables them to benefit from the brand’s established reputation and utilize a business model that has already been shown to generate success.  

There are several reasons why franchising is a good choice for people who are interested in owning their own business. For example, the International Franchise Association has reported that after five years of operation, up to 95% of new franchises were still in business. Commercial cleaning is one sector of the franchise industry that has grown dynamically over the past ten years, with a 66% increase overall and evidence of resistance to financial recessions.

How JAN-PRO of San Francisco Can Help Your Janitorial Business in Palo Alto

The JAN-PRO brand is known throughout the nation to represent some of the highest standards for cleaning and customer service in the commercial cleaning industry. Businesses understand that our industry-specific procedures, meticulous cleaning programs, and innovative tools can provide them with the results that they need to maintain a clean and healthy workspace.

As a franchisee with JAN-PRO of San Francisco, you’ll have extensive support with your business operations. First, we’ll educate you in our systems and standards through a five-week certification course. Then, we’ll help you get started with a local customer base. Whenever you decide that you’re ready to expand the reach of your business, we can also support you with your growth. With our help, you can achieve your dream of being a business owner without the risk of going it alone.

Call JAN-PRO of San Francisco today at (650) 259-9120 to learn more about opening a janitorial business in Palo Alto, San Francisco, South San Francisco, or a nearby town by purchasing one of our franchise locations.