Cleaning Services for More Professional Offices in Palo Alto

Posted on November 8, 2017

When you manage an office, making sure you maintain a professional workplace environment is the key to keeping workers on task and attracting new clients. Your professional atmosphere sets the standards for the quality of work you expect from your employees. It also adds credibility to your company, showing potential clients you take a professional attitude to the work you do. At JAN-PRO® of San Francisco, we offer office cleaning services that can help make sure your Palo Alto-area workplace always has a professional, productive, and pristine environment.

Professional Office Cleaning Services in Palo Alto

As a JAN-PRO Signature Clean® company, we offer businesses in Palo Alto, CA office cleaning services specifically designed for professional workplace environments. Just some of the ways our office cleaning services help maintain professionalism in businesses in San Francisco, South San Francisco, Palo Alto, and the surrounding areas include:

  • Spotless Cleaning Results. Not only does a spotless workplace give potential clients a great first impression of your company, recent studies have shown that a clean, bright, and well-ventilated workplace can increase worker productivity by 16 percent. With our cleaning services from JAN-PRO of San Francisco on your side, we’ll use custom cleaning plans and industry-leading office cleaning systems to make sure your Palo Alto-area workplace is always clean, germ-free, and shining.
  • Professional Uniforms. The clothes your employees wear while at your office can have a huge affect on worker behavior. Your worker’s clothes can also influence a potential client’s impression of your business. At JAN-PRO of San Francisco, we respect your workplace’s dress code and contribute to a more professional environment by wearing full, crisp uniforms every time we’re on site.
  • Flexible Cleaning Schedules. With our flexible cleaning schedules at JAN-PRO of San Francisco, you’re able to book office cleaning services during times when it is most convenient for your Palo Alto-area business. This helps cut down on distractions during board meetings, client calls, and other busy times.
  • Quiet-Cleaning Vacuums. In the event that our office cleaning services do overlap with the work hours at your Palo Alto-area business, we minimize noise pollution by using quiet-cleaning vacuums. These state-of-the-art vacuums are built to be worn on our backs to minimize the disruption of a heavy vacuum dragged across the floor and banging into walls.

To partner with an office cleaning service dedicated to putting professionalism first in Palo Alto-area workplace, call JAN-PRO of San Francisco today at (650) 259-9120