Sarasota’s School Cleaning Company of Choice

Posted on July 4, 2017

We know how seriously you take your work. Shaping the minds of children is an enormous responsibility. At JAN-PRO® of Manasota, we take our work seriously, too. A clean space can help improve the health and wellness of your students in the Sarasota area. You can get top quality school cleaning services for your Sarasota-area school from JAN-PRO® of Manasota. We bring the same gentle approach, personalized touch, and comprehensive care to each clean. It’s the JAN-PRO way.

A Gentler School Cleaning for Sarasota

A school cleaning should take into account even our youngest children in preschool, whose immune systems are still fragile. At JAN-PRO of Manasota, we use gentle, non-harmful products to scour away the grime. Our EnviroShield® system is highly rated by the EPA for non-toxicity and non-irritation. With it, we can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs from all surfaces, including the tough-to-clean ones like carpeting or kids’ toys. We use the same solutions for preschool cleanings in Sarasota that we use in hospitals and day care centers – so you know they’re reliable. With our gentle but thorough products, we can help prevent the spread of disease and keep kids in your Sarasota school safe.

Sarasota’s Personalized School Cleanings

Every school, college, and preschool is designed differently. That’s why we create a customized school cleaning plan for each of our Sarasota clients. One of our owner-operators will use your input and our own assessments to develop a floor-to-ceiling, room-by-room plan for your space. Our owner-operator will also supervise each of your cleanings, delivered by the same team of experts each time. With this continuity, you’ll always get a detail-oriented cleaning that’s specific to your space. It’s how we ensure a higher grade of school cleaning for Sarasota.

Comprehensive College Cleanings in Sarasota

We understand that colleges have an enormous variety of facilities, like gyms, cafeterias, dormitories, and classrooms. At JAN-PRO, we don’t just deliver college cleanings for Sarasota. We also clean restaurants, hospitals, fitness centers, homes, and industrial spaces. That means we have the comprehensive expertise and tools necessary to provide an exceptional cleaning services to colleges in the Sarasota area. We monitor and evaluate each visit for a high caliber of clean. Whatever your cleaning needs, we’ll go the extra mile to deliver it.

Need a college cleaning, school cleaning, or preschool cleaning in Sarasota? It’s easy – just call our JAN-PRO of Manasota office at 941-907-8141 to get started.