Sarasota’s Commercial Cleaning Experts

Posted on June 28, 2017

When you’re managing the daily operations of a business, the last thing you should have to worry about is your janitorial services. Regularly training and monitoring your own, in-house janitorial personnel can be time-consuming and cost-inefficient. Why not try JAN-PRO® of Manasota? We take the stress and mess out of commercial cleanings in Sarasota.

With our simple, streamlined approach, our expert cleaners, and our cutting-edge cleaning technology, there’s a reason so many businesses are turning to our janitorial services. Just contact JAN-PRO of Manasota to set up a cleaning consultation today.

Why Choose JAN-PRO of Manasota?

With JAN-PRO of Manasota, you won’t just get a simple, streamlined cleaning process. You’ll also get commercial cleaners who are efficient, detail-oriented, and committed to getting the job done right. For our commercial cleanings in Sarasota, we pair the attentive approach of a small business with the high-tech methods, research, and practice of our national brand. With our services, you’ll get:

  • Owner-led cleanings. At JAN-PRO of Manasota, we truly believe in the personal touch. That’s why one of our owner-operators will supervise every aspect of your cleaning personally, from our initial consultation, to the personalized cleaning plan we build for your company’s facility, to each of our regular visits. It’s simply a higher standard, for stronger results.
  • An industry-renowned clean. When we come to your company, we won’t just make your space spotless. We’ll also help you make sure it passes OSHA regulations and other cleaning standards. That’s a dependable clean.
  • A hospital-grade clean. With cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Manasota, you’ll get access to the same extraordinary cleaning technology that we use to clean hospitals, daycare centers, dental offices, and restaurants. Not only are they safe to use around newborns and toddlers, they’re also powerful enough to eliminate germs from hospitals and restaurants.

Sarasota’s Commercial Cleaning Service of Choice

When you work together, trust is essential. That’s why JAN-PRO of Manasota will go the extra mile to ensure you can always count on us. We use our quality controls system, JAN-PRO Tracker®, to monitor and evaluate every visit. It’s our way of ensuring the work we do measures up to our exacting standards. And if you’re ever unhappy with your commercial cleanings in Sarasota? Just let us know – and we’ll make it right.

Take the stress and headache out of your commercial cleanings in Sarasota. Just contact JAN-PRO of Manasota at (941) 907-8141 to set up your consultation today.