Hiring Office Cleaners in Riverside? Keep These Details in Mind

As you begin the process of hiring office cleaners for your business in Riverside, you’ll likely need to gather a few facts about your facility in order to help the commercial cleaning vendor provide you with an accurate quote. At JAN-PRO® of Riverside, we give free quotes to business owners who are interested in working with our professional cleaners. We’ll come by your office in the Riverside area to meet you in person and examine your commercial property. This meeting allows us to provide you with an accurate quote, answer your questions about our services, and lay a solid foundation for a long-term business partnership.

Questions Our Office Cleaners in Riverside May Ask

Our office cleaners at JAN-PRO of Riverside will come prepared to give you information about our services and to gather information about your facility. Here are a few of the questions we typically ask business owners in order to provide them with a precise quote for our janitorial services:

  • Why are you looking for new office cleaners? If you’ve worked with commercial cleaning companies in Riverside in the past and have been unsatisfied with their services, let us know what didn’t work for you. We’ll do our best to ensure that we don’t have the same issues in the future.
  • What is your budget for janitorial services? We can tailor the cleaning plan for your business, and thus the overall quote for our services, according to your budget restrictions. Providing our office cleaners in Riverside with these details can assist us in proposing the best cleaning options for your needs.
  • Do you have any cleaning specifications? Outline your specific cleaning requirements for us, including any special requests that you have, so that we can include a comprehensive list of services in your quote.
  • How frequently do you want your office cleaners to show up? If you’re unsure of the frequency of visits your office in Riverside requires, you can provide us with other information, such as the number of employees you have, the type of work that is performed at the office, and the typical schedule of your staff. With these facts, we can help you determine how frequently you may need scheduled cleanings.

Don’t hesitate to get started with a free cleaning quote for your business in the Riverside area. Contact JAN-PRO of Riverside today at (951) 237-2468 to set up a free in-person visit with our office cleaners.

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