School Cleaning Service in Phoenix: Reduce the Spread of Germs

school cleaning service in Phoenix

If you operate a school, university, or other type of learning center in the Phoenix, AZ area, you need to find a school cleaning service that knows how to clean and disinfect your facility to halt the spread of illnesses like the common cold and flu. At JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, we take pride in our ability to fight germs and protect the health and well-being of students and teachers alike. Read on for details about the meticulous strategies we use to eliminate bacteria and viruses in schools throughout the local area.

Germ-Fighting Techniques for Schools in Phoenix

To stop the spread of germs in schools, it’s critical that students and teachers actively participate in protecting themselves against illness-causing pathogens. This includes following trusted recommendations, like getting vaccinated against the flu, frequently and properly washing hands, and avoiding coming to school when ill. Making these practices commonplace can make a big difference in reducing the risk of person-to-person germ transfer at your school.

It’s also critical that you make the decision to partner with a school cleaning service that has the knowledge and experience needed to effectively eliminate germs. Here are just a few of the strategies our expert cleaners utilize to cut down on bacteria and viruses in densely populated spaces like schools:

  • Wall-to-wall disinfection. Our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfection system kills 99% of germs on contact and easily treats hard-to-clean surfaces like carpets and fabrics.
  • Use of microfiber. Microfiber cleaning materials play a big role in the battle against bacteria. These materials are specially woven so their microscopic fingers attract and hold onto germs and grime rather than dragging dirt particles across a surface.
  • Concentration on high-touch objects. Person-to-person germ transfer tends to occur on frequently touched surfaces, which is where we focus our attention when cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Prevention of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination can easily occur when cleaning if proper precautions aren’t taken. Our school cleaning service has implemented a color-coded system to designate which materials are meant for use in specific areas of your school, allowing us to avoid contaminating clean spaces.

Experience the difference our school cleaning service’s professional germ-fighting strategies can make for your school. Call JAN-PRO of Phoenix today at (602) 438-1000 for details about arranging a free cleaning consultation at your educational facility in Phoenix or a surrounding community.