How An Office Cleaning Checklist in Phoenix Keeps Your Customers and Staff Healthy

Posted on August 7, 2019



Part of running a business in Phoenix involves maintaining a productive workplace where your employees can work at their peak performance. In order to keep your work environment as clean and healthy as possible, you’ll need to ensure that it’s cleaned according to an extensive office cleaning checklist. At JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, we know what it takes to make your office an ideal environment for productivity and efficiency. Our services cover all the details so that you can focus on other aspects of running a successful business.

Key Practices for Your Office Cleaning Checklist in Phoenix

Promote a healthier, more hygienic office environment by having your office deep cleaned on a regular basis. Here are just a few of the deep cleaning practices we recommend you include on your office cleaning checklist in Phoenix:

  • Floor-to-ceiling disinfection. Professional disinfection is crucial to preventing the spread of illness-causing pathogens in your workplace. We help cut down on person-to-person germ transfer using EnviroShield®, our exclusive disinfection system. EnviroShield® easily treats all types of surfaces, including hard-to-clean computer keyboards and fabric-covered furniture, and eliminates 99% of bacteria and viruses on contact.
  • Indoor air filtration. Without proper indoor air filtration, your office air may be filled with irritating particles and pollutants. Our cleaning team comes prepared with HEPA filter vacuums, which trap airborne microbes as small as 0.4 microns in diameter. Your employees will appreciate working in a space that feels as clean as it looks.
  • Eco-friendly cleaning methods. If you’re used to utilizing harsh chemical cleaners or toxic formulas to clean your workplace, you may be doing your staff members a disservice. Cleaning agents that contain toxic substances often generate noxious fumes and leave behind chemical residues that can be detrimental to their health. We make a point of working with eco-friendly formulas and green cleaning techniques that promote the health and well-being of all who enter your office.

JAN-PRO Tracker: More Than An Office Cleaning Checklist in Phoenix

Our owner-operators will sit down with you in person to design an office cleaning checklist that meets the needs of your business in Phoenix. In addition to this checklist, we’ll use the JAN-PRO Tracker® quality assurance system to check our work on each cleaning visit. This system allows us to measure our performance and generate quantifiable results that have a positive impact on health and hygiene at your workplace.

Contact JAN-PRO of Phoenix today at (602) 438-1000 to arrange a free consultation and get started with a customized office cleaning checklist for your business in Phoenix.