Green Janitorial Cleaning Services in Phoenix

Posted on December 15, 2017

In recent years, you may have noticed more and more hardware stores and grocery stores in Arizona advertising cleaning products that are green or eco-friendly. But what exactly is green cleaning, and how can a green janitorial cleaning service benefit your business in the Phoenix, AZ area?

When companies refer to green cleaning practices, they’re usually referring to a series of systems and products they use to help keep humans safe and help protect the environment. While green cleaning has increased in popularity in recent years, scientists have been studying how the chemicals in cleaning products have affected human health and the health of the environment for over five decades. What scientists have discovered is that some of the chemicals found in cleaning products can be extremely dangerous. These chemicals can cause reproductive problems as well as cancer in humans, and can affect local waterways and endanger fish and wildlife.

When partnering with a janitorial cleaning service for your Phoenix-area facility, partnering with a service that cleans with human and environmental safety in mind means you’re helping protect the environment and create a healthier workplace.

Phoenix’s Healthy Janitorial Cleaning Services

At JAN-PRO® of Phoenix, we understand how important it is to provide janitorial cleaning services that help keep workers’ safe and help protect the environment. That’s why we offer environmentally-conscious business owners a green certified cleaning program. This program can be adapted to accommodate the needs of any facility and to take on any cleaning challenge. The program involves using cleaning systems, methods, and products that are completely eco-friendly to provide you with the same spotless, consistent, and high-quality cleaning results we have become known for.

On top of the green-certified cleaning program we offer, at JAN-PRO of Phoenix, we strive to provide each facility we clean with janitorial cleaning services that are safe for humans and the environment. We help reduce our waste by cleaning using reusable microfiber cloths that trap dirt and dust while using less water than traditional rags and cloths. Additionally, our EnviroShield® disinfection system knocks out 99.9999% of all germs and viruses on contact with a powerful disinfectant that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Call JAN-PRO of Phoenix today (602) 438-1000 to see what a difference safe and eco-friendly janitorial cleaning services can make in your business.