Professional Office Cleaning Services in Lakeland: How We Offer A Cleaning Promise

Posted on December 24, 2019

Getting professional office cleaning services isn’t just about maintaining the overall appearance of your office. For businesses in Lakeland, it’s also about finding cleaning services that can offer deep cleaning that addresses germs, bacteria, and the countless other harmful microbes within any workplace.

When people spend prolonged periods of time in the same space together, you can always expect it to have an impact on overall health. If one person gets a cold, it’s likely they may be transferring germs to others. Finding a trusted professional office cleaning service in Lakeland can drastically reduce those effects.

In particular, our services at JAN-PRO® of Mid-Florida have a powerful reputation for disinfecting workplaces across the industry. We work with businesses in Sumter County, Marion County, Polk County, Highlands County, Citrus County, Hardee County, and Levy County, including Lakeland, Ocala, The Villages, and Winter Haven.

From restaurants to daycare centers, hospitals, and offices, we bring a diligent approach to deep cleaning.

3 Ways We Deliver On Professional Office Cleaning Services in Lakeland

At JAN-PRO of Mid-Florida, deep cleaning means that we take comprehensive measures to make sure we’re delivering a higher standard for all professional office cleaning services. One of our owner-operators are on-hand during any cleaning, too, to supervise the work in Lakeland. Here’s what you can expect:

  • We develop a blueprint for all cleanings. When you use the services of JAN-PRO of Mid-Florida, we start by creating a detailed blueprint for any cleanings that occur in your office. This plan is specifically tailored to your space, so that we’re taking into account every room, every hallway, and every other area.
  • We address high-germ spots regularly. Certain places in offices are more apt to collect germs and bacteria than others. From taps in bathrooms and break rooms, door handles and push plates in main entrances, and any carpeting in the building, we address these hot spots on a frequent, ongoing basis.
  • We can disinfect any areas. As an additional protective measure during professional office cleaning services in Lakeland, we offer EnviroShield®. This high-impact disinfection system can kill virtually all microbes, viruses, bacteria, and germs it touches. It can get into difficult-to-clean areas too, like keyboards, without leaving residue.

When you’re looking for professional office cleaning services in Lakeland that offer deep cleaning, you need JAN-PRO of Mid-Florida. Get in touch at (863) 327-0660 today to ask about setting up your services.