Office Cleaning Services to Prevent Absences in Boston

Posted on November 8, 2017

The nights are getting colder, and the days are getting shorter. Winter is definitely around the corner, and with it comes coughs, colds, and other illnesses. While the germs and viruses so prevalent in the winter months can be dangerous to you and your employees’ health, workplace absences due to these illnesses can also have a huge affect on your workplace’s productivity. That’s why it’s so important your office cleaning service takes a proactive approach to preventing these illnesses within your Boston-area workplace.

How Cleaning Services Can Keep Your Boston-Area Office Healthy

From mud tracked into your office during the rainy fall months to pollen and other allergens present in your workplace’s air in the spring, different seasons bring different cleaning challenges. Our office cleaning service of JAN-PRO® of Massachusetts should have systems in place to keep your business in Boston, Woburn, or throughout the surrounding areas clean, comfortable, and germ-free all year round.

Just some of the ways an office cleaning service, such as JAN-PRO of Massachusetts, can help keep the workers at your Boston-area workplace healthy this winter include:

  • Improve Air Quality. Old heating systems and the inability to open windows in winter can lead to poor air circulation, leaving your workers breathing in germy, stagnant air. By using vacuums with HEPA filters, our office cleaning service can filter the air at your Boston-area workplace, removing irritating airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.
  • Disinfect Computer Keyboards. With biting winds and blowing snow to contend with, workers are often more likely to eat at their desks during the winter months. This can leave them more susceptible to picking up germs and viruses from their computer keyboards – one of the most highly-contagious surfaces in any workplace. To keep the workers at your Boston-area business safe from these germy surfaces, our office cleaning service of JAN-PRO of Massachusetts should have systems in place to thoroughly disinfect the nooks and crannies found in computer keyboards.
  • Prevent Cross Contamination. Even when sick workers practice safe hygiene practices like washing their hands after coughing or sneezing, healthy workers can still pick up harmful bacteria from sinks and door handles. By using a custom cleaning plan that targets high-touch areas like towel dispensers, door handles, and sinks, our office cleaning service can help reduce the risk of germs and viruses spreading within your Boston-area business.

To partner with an office cleaning service committed to keeping Boston-area workplaces germ-free and safe during the winter and all year round, call JAN-PRO of Massachusetts today at (781) 482-7990.