Business Cleaning Services for Odor-Free Businesses in Boston

Posted on November 17, 2017

Whether you run a fitness center, a restaurant, or a medical center, in the competitive Massachusetts business world, you’re bound to face stiff competition. Making sure new customers choose your business over your competitor starts with a great first impression. But while you might have spotless floors and shining surfaces, if your facility has an unpleasant odor, it will be difficult to convince customers to spend enough time in your facility to learn about all your company has to offer. Luckily, the business cleaning services we offer at JAN-PRO® of Massachusetts can help your Boston-area business have a clean, fresh, and odor-free environment customers will want to spend time in.

Where some business cleaning services in the Boston, MA area might attempt to mask unpleasant odors by using overpowering air fresheners, usually this only makes the problem worse. Instead, at JAN-PRO of Massachusetts we use custom cleaning plans and some of our industry’s most advanced cleaning systems and supplies to target and eliminate the source of unpleasant and unappealing odors. Below, we’ve listed some of our tried and tested techniques for keeping businesses in Boston, Woburn, and throughout the surrounding areas fresh and odor free.

Business Cleaning Services to Keep Boston-Area Facilities Fresh

Just some of the ways our cleaning services help keep businesses in the Boston, MA area odor free include:

  • Wall-to-Wall Restroom Disinfection. One of the most common sources of unpleasant odors in a facility is the restrooms. That’s why we pay special attention to making sure toilets, sinks, stall walls, and other bathroom fixtures are fully disinfected.
  • HEPA-Filter Vacuums. Our business cleaning services help keep the air in Boston-area facilities fresh by cleaning using HEPA-filter vacuums that remove airborne dirt and dust particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.
  • Disinfection for Porous Surfaces. Porous surfaces such as carpets and curtains have been known to trap a variety of unpleasant odors, but with our EnviroShield® disinfection system, we disinfect and freshen these difficult-to-clean surfaces using proprietary spray-application technology.
  • Odor-Free Disinfectants. We deliver our business cleaning services to Boston-area facilities using disinfectants that are residue free and odor free. This helps prevent the smell of harsh cleaning chemicals from lingering in your facility’s air once the original unpleasant odors are removed from your facility.

Call JAN-PRO of Massachusetts today at (781) 482-7990 to learn more about how our business cleaning services can help keep your facility in the Boston area fresh and odor free.