Medical Offices Cleaning Services by JAN-PRO® of Louisville

At JAN-PRO of Louisville, we know how important hospital-grade cleaning and disinfection is for any medical facility.

We Know Medical Facilities

No other industry faces as much scrutiny when it comes to health and safety standards. Our medical offices cleaning services rely on JAN-PRO’s patented MedMetrix® system, ensuring your facility meets or exceeds every standard set out by the OSHA, CDC, AORN, and Joint Commission.

What Our Clients Have to Say

JAN-PRO of Louisville’s medical offices cleaning services are based, first and foremost, on matching your facility with specialized systems and staff. Our medical cleaning and disinfection programs are designed specifically for medical spaces. Our cleaning teams have been certified for our expertise in cleaning areas like waiting rooms, patient rooms, treatment areas, terminal patient rooms, surgical suites, and dental offices. We use that expertise to build a cleaning plan and set of cleaning services custom-built for your medical offices.

With medical office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Louisville, you can expect:

Hospital-Strength, High-Coverage Disinfection

We are the only cleaning company in Kentucky with access to the EnviroShield® disinfection system. This system uses patented spray-action technology and EPA-rated disinfectant to deliver better coverage, safer treatment, and hospital-grade disinfection

Germ & Bacteria Targeting

We know the areas most likely to harbor germs and bacteria, and the places they’re most likely to transfer from person to person. We use EnviroShield® to attack these spaces, including treatment areas, equipment, computer keyboards, and door handles

Health & Safety Expertise

Every health and safety standard faced by your facility will be met or exceeded by our cleaning and disinfection services

Color-Coded Cleaning

We color-code our materials to ensure the cloths and mops used in one area of your facility don’t get used in any other

Air Quality

Our vacuums use quiet-cleaning technology, and have been HEPA tested and approved for their ability to improve air quality

Secure Cleaning

Our teams are required to clean wearing full uniforms, which include prominent JAN-PRO ID’s, keeping your facility secure

Getting Started with Medical Offices Cleaning Services in Louisville


Our medical offices cleaning services are designed to deliver superior cleaning and disinfection consistently and efficiently to your medical office. JAN-PRO of Louisville uses the JAN-PRO Technics®system to automate and streamline our systems and the JAN-PRO Tracker® system to hold our cleaning teams accountable. This ensures your cleanings always meet JAN-PRO’s strict, industry-leading brand standards.

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