Expert Janitorial Services for Lawrence Area Businesses

Posted on March 11, 2020

When it comes to janitorial services in Lawrence, it’s never enough to have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment or powerful cleaning products. You want cleaning services with consistently high-quality results. At JAN-PRO® of Midwest, we offer both. We make the cleaning process a seamless one for the businesses we serve, while targeting bacteria and grime and leaving your surfaces truly spotless.

We treat every visit with the same thorough attention to detail, using our three systems to implement and measure the quality of our work. You’ll never get a rushed or generic approach. Instead, we build a completely unique cleaning program that’s designed just for your business, which we use as a blueprint whenever we clean your space. The result is comprehensively thorough cleaning services every time.

About Our Janitorial Services in Lawrence

With JAN-PRO of Midwest, janitorial services are personalized from the start. In Lawrence, our owner-operators will work with you to build a schedule of services and to determine an exact cleaning program that meets your needs. Owner-operators are trained in the regulations and protocols of OSHA, and can further tailor your cleanings based on your industry’s specific requirements and considerations.

You’ll always get the benefit of JAN-PRO Signature Clean®, our meticulous brand standards. This system outlines just some of the measures we use to provide consistency and excellence with every visit, including owner-led cleanings and more. It means that you can expect a quality of service that always lives up to our name and reputation.

JAN-PRO Technics® guides the methods and processes we use to implement disinfection, deep cleaning, and robust results. It’s the full collection of products and equipment that helps our global brand set a standard in cleanliness. With these proven products and technologies, we can minimize the risk of cross-contamination, germ transfer, and other concerns for any business.

On a regular basis, we’ll use JAN-PRO Tracker® to grade the work we do. This system is the last in our three-system approach, with spot checks, client evaluations, and detailed checklists that make sure you’re always getting truly exceptional cleanings.

JAN-PRO of Midwest Offers Owner-Led Services With A Cleaning Guarantee

With JAN-PRO of Midwest, you can get guaranteed janitorial services anywhere in Douglas County and beyond, such as:

We appreciate your work environment can make a significant daily impact on the focus, productivity, and attendance of staff. With our services, you and your team will be able to enjoy the benefits of a truly clean and healthy workplace.

Need janitorial services in Lawrence? It’s easy to get started with JAN-PRO of Midwest—call (913) 469-4060 for details.