Customized Commercial Cleaning for Kansas City

Posted on October 19, 2017

At JAN-PRO® of Midwest, our goal is to provide commercial cleaning services that meet the specific cleaning needs of each Kansas City-area business we clean. Just one way we achieve this goal is by making sure we start our services on the right foot with a customized commercial cleaning plan for each Kansas City-area business.

Where some cleaners might try to shoehorn your facility into a one-size-fits-all cleaning plan, at JAN-PRO of Midwest, we recognize that different facilities in the Kansas City area face very different commercial cleaning challenges. Day care centers, for example, require kid-safe disinfection, while industrial facilities need heavy-duty cleaning solutions. With our custom cleaning plans, we make sure we have the cleaning systems needed to take on your facility’s specific cleaning demands.

Our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® Standards

Before the team at JAN-PRO of Midwest begins cleaning, we meet with each of our clients in the Kansas City area to learn more about their commercial cleaning needs as well as their schedule and budget. With this information in mind, we then go through each facility area by area using our JAN-PRO Signature Clean® program. This advanced cleaning program sets the standards for cleanliness and hygiene we adhere to every cleaning. It also helps us create our customized cleaning plans. With these plans, we make sure we always have the right tools and equipment to ensure our uncompromising JAN-PRO Signature Clean® standards are consistently met.

Kansas City’s Efficient and Effective Commercial Cleaning Services

In addition to helping ensure we bring the right tools to every Kansas City-area facility we clean, our customized commercial cleaning plans help us clean more effectively and more efficiently.

At JAN-PRO of Midwest, when creating our custom cleaning plans, we evaluate every inch of your facility, taking note of the areas where bacteria might grow and spread. With our customized plans, we target these bacteria breeding grounds, ensuring we eliminate a broad spectrum of germs before they infect your workers and customers.

By taking the time to strategically plan our commercial cleaning services for each Kansas City-area facility we clean, we are also able to determine the most efficient ways to deliver high-quality cleaning results. This advanced planning doesn’t only save us time while cleaning, it also ensures every dollar you spend on cleaning services is put to good use.

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