Medical Office Cleaning Services by JAN-PRO® of Indianapolis

When you run a medical office, keeping your staff and your patients safe demands a higher grade of cleaning and disinfection. That’s why JAN-PRO of Indianapolis relies on the patented MedMetrix® system for our medical office cleaning services. Designed to meet or exceed all OSHA, AORN, CDC, and Joint Commission standards, the MedMetrix® system delivers comprehensive cleaning and disinfection services for medical offices.

We Know Medical Facilities

Your staff and patients’ health is crucial to the smooth operation of your medical facility. That’s why we’ve created the JAN-PRO MedMetrix® certification program, designed specifically for hospitals, surgical centers, and doctor and dentist offices to provide cleaner, safer environments. How? Through JAN-PRO’s EnviroShield® total disinfecting system, which allows us to treat areas and surfaces other cleaning systems can’t reach. Our disinfectant kills 99.99% of harmful bacteria, is EPA-rated as the safest in its class, won’t cause skin, eye, or respiratory issues, and won’t leave any residue or odor behind. It’s also non-flammable, non-corrosive, and non-staining, and it doesn’t require any safety precautions – giving you peace of mind where it matters most.

What Our Clients Have to Say


At JAN-PRO of Indianapolis, we believe our medical sector clients should expect the absolute best when it comes to our services. Our medical office cleaning services are based on detailed, custom site assessments by medical cleaning experts, and involve only the most effective disinfection and sanitation methods available to us. Under MedMetrix®, we put specific, detailed strategies in place for the spaces that make up your office, including any waiting rooms, patient rooms, surgical suites, terminal patient areas, and/or dental exam rooms.

With medical office cleaning services from JAN-PRO of Indianapolis, you receive:

Hospital-Strength Disinfection

We are the only cleaner in the Indianapolis area with access to EnviroShield®. EnviroShield® delivers a gentle-chemical disinfection system with a hospital-strength 99% kill rate against germs, bacteria, the flu, and other viruses. Despite its effectiveness and strength, EnviroShield®’s disinfectant has been rated level IV by the EPA, the gentlest grade possible for non-toxicity.

Comprehensive Sanitization

EnviroShield® uses a state-of-the-art mist-release system that wraps treated surfaces in a residue-free, contagion-fighting shield. This makes it ideal for cleaning keyboards, fabrics, carpeting, and other tough-to-disinfect surfaces. It also makes it possible for us to deliver total-room cleaning for patient rooms, bathrooms, operatories, and other spaces.

Safer Cleaning Methods

We use strict color-coding and frequent disinfection of our materials to fight cross contamination. We also target areas at high-risk for bacterial and viral transfer.

Detailed Floor Care

We offer regular and intensive cleaning services for a wide range of flooring materials, including carpeting, tile, hardwood, concrete, and marble.

Health & Safety Expertise

Our solutions will ensure your facility meets or exceeds every health and safety standard set out by the OSHA, AORN, CDC, and Joint Commission.

Secure Protocols

JAN-PRO of Indianapolis is fully bonded and insured. We require all staff to wear full uniforms (including IDs) while providing medical office cleaning services.

Once your facility’s cleaning plan has gone into action, we put systems in place to maintain the consistency and quality of our janitorial services. Your medical office will receive regular 50-point inspections under our JAN-PRO Tracker® quality assurance system. This way, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your staff and patients against the risks posed by germs, bacteria, and viral contagions.

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