How An Office Cleaning Checklist in Harrisburg Keeps Your Customers and Staff Healthy

Posted on August 29, 2019

Are you concerned about health and safety conditions at your workplace? Our team of experts at JAN-PRO® of Harrisburg can give you peace of mind with a customized office cleaning checklist and comprehensive business cleaning services. On every visit to your workplace in Harrisburg, Reading, Lebanon, Lancaster, York, Carlisle, or a nearby community, we’ll complete an extensive list of practices that includes everything your office needs to be a healthier, more hygienic place for productive work.

JAN-PRO Tracker: More Than An Office Cleaning Checklist in Harrisburg

We’ll start by meeting with you in person to discuss the unique requirements of your business and come up with a cleaning plan that will provide you with the in-depth results you’re looking for. Your tailor-made office cleaning checklist can include a range of services that improve health and safety at your workplace in Harrisburg.

As part of every cleaning visit, we’ll utilize our JAN-PRO Tracker® system to quantify our performance and ensure that it adheres to our internal standards as well as your office cleaning checklist. This system also enables us to measure the difference that we’re making for hygiene and sanitation at your office in Harrisburg and provides you with plenty of opportunities to give us feedback about your satisfaction with our services.

Key Practices for Your Office Cleaning Checklist in Harrisburg

The following are just a few of the crucial practices that we highly recommend business offices in Harrisburg implement as part of their office cleaning checklists:

  • Floor-to-ceiling disinfection. Our exclusive disinfection system, EnviroShield®, boosts workplace hygiene by knocking out 99% of bacteria and viruses with a non-toxic, residue-free formula applied with an innovative misting process. This system easily treats awkward surfaces and hard-to-clean areas for comprehensive results.
  • Indoor air filtration. It’s important that your indoor air be as healthy, clean, and free of pollutants as the frequently touched surfaces in your office. Our HEPA filter vacuums enable your employees to benefit from improved indoor air quality thanks to their ability to reduce levels of indoor air pollution.
  • Green cleaning methods. You shouldn’t have to choose between cleanliness and safety at your workplace. Our eco-friendly techniques and green cleaning formulas make it possible to enjoy an office that’s free of dirt and grime without the use of harsh chemicals.

Learn more about getting started with a customized office cleaning checklist for your workplace in Harrisburg, Reading, Lebanon, Lancaster, York, Carlisle, or the surrounding areas. Give JAN-PRO of Harrisburg a call today at (717) 745-1440 to reserve a free, in-person consultation.