Finding Reliable and Professional Office Cleaning Services in Harrisburg

Posted on December 30, 2019

Cold weather brings flu season and a spike in workplace illness. That’s not a coincidence. When people spend any significant length of time in enclosed spaces, they’re likely to track germs in, transferring it to those around them in the process. For offices in Harrisburg, one of the best ways to slow this down is with frequent cleanings from a professional office cleaning service.

At JAN-PRO® of Harrisburg, we don’t just clean offices in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Reading, and Lebanon. We also clean hospitals, daycare facilities, schools, and other sensitive places. We understand how to deliver cleanings that eradicate bacteria, viruses, and harmful microbes. We also appreciate how important it is to have protocols in place to ensure reliability.

We bring this same diligence when administering professional office cleaning services, too.

3 Ways You Can Always Count On Our Professional Office Cleaning Services in Harrisburg

At JAN-PRO of Harrisburg, when we offer professional office cleaning services, we want to make sure you can always trust us to deliver results. Here are a few measures we take:

  • A guarantee for you. First and foremost, we offer one of the most powerful guarantees in the cleaning industry. If you ever spot a problem, we can come back and take care of it within a single business day. If we’re not able to do that for whatever reason, your next standard cleaning will be free.
  • Cleanings led by owner-operators. Whenever you schedule cleaning services from our company, one of our owner-operators will always be on-site to lead or supervise the clean. This allows for an unparalleled level of accountability every single time.
  • Periodic inspections. We’ll periodically implement inspections of our own cleaning services, using 50 detailed points to measure each aspect of your service. This allows us to evaluate the quality of cleanings and to make sure we’re delivering on our exacting brand standards.

How We Offer A Higher Standard of Cleaning at JAN-PRO of Harrisburg

At JAN-PRO of Harrisburg, it’s our commitment to offer a higher standard of professional office cleaning service for businesses in the area. We do this with a customized approach to cleaning your office, a suite of extra-strength cleaning products, and protocols for deep-cleaning that can also adhere to OSHA standards.

With our business, you won’t just get the surface appearance of cleanliness. We rigorously clean every space in your office, targeting germs and other microbes, for truly impactful effects.

Ask about scheduling your professional office cleaning service from JAN-PRO of Harrisburg. You can reach us at (717) 745-1440 at your convenience.