Expert Commercial Cleaning Services in Reading

Posted on May 27, 2020

Welcome to JAN-PRO® of Harrisburg! With professional crews, vast experience, and an assortment of superior methods, our commercial cleaning services are the best choice for Reading area businesses. We help companies from all industries maintain a safe, healthy workspace that adheres to the strictest standards. With our unique three-system approach, we can guarantee satisfaction and provide a superior standard of cleanliness.

More About Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Reading

Thanks to custom planning and a dedication to every detail, our services go above and beyond to protect the health and safety of your business. We have experience in all sorts of different industries and possess a unique awareness of the requirements of each business. With our meticulous approach, superior technologies, and expertly trained staff, we provide the following elite commercial cleaning services in Reading:

  • Medical Cleaning that meets the official health and safety requirements of all medical and dental facilities.
  • Business Cleaning that provides dynamic solutions for different retail and office environments.
  • Industrial Cleaning for cleaner warehouses and factories.
  • Civic Cleaning for schools, religious buildings, and government offices.
  • Specialty Cleaning helping restaurants and other mixed-use facilities in Reading with specialized expert care.

Superior Disinfection and Commercial Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO of Harrisburg

Superior cleaning is the result of efficient planning and a diligent eye for detail. With our trusted three-system process, you get a formula for maximum efficiency, total quality, and extensive checking of all our work. This includes our Jan-Pro Signature Clean® system, our elite quality Jan-Pro Technics® products, and our highly effective Jan-Pro Tracker® system for monitoring each task. We proudly use this reliable protocol to manage every detail and make sure even the smallest tasks are completed to perfection.

In addition, we also use a superior disinfection system. Our EnviroShield® spray system was created to reach previously untouchable spaces between cracks and provide more disinfection throughout your business. It uses an eco-friendly spray that kills 99.99% of bacteria to keep your workplace safe.

With years in this business, we understand that it takes a detail-oriented approach like this to truly reach a higher level of workplace health and safety. We take every job very seriously and strive to provide customer satisfaction every time. We proudly back up our work with an industry leading guarantee. You can find our expert services in the following regions:

  • Harrisburg
  • Reading
  • Lancaster
  • Lebanon
  • And surrounding areas

Get more information about our efficient and professional commercial cleaning services in Reading today. Call JAN-PRO of Harrisburg at (717) 745-1440.