EnviroShield® for Thorough Fitness Center Cleaning Services in New York City

Posted on October 20, 2017

Having a fitness center that smells bad and looks dirty won’t help recruit new members, nor will it encourage your existing members to keep coming back. By partnering with the fitness center right cleaning service, though, you can ensure your gym in the New York City area always has a fresh, clean, and pleasant atmosphere that your members will want to return to.

Finding a fitness center cleaning service that will thoroughly and safely clean your New York City-area gym, however, can be a challenge. The nooks and crannies found in exercise equipment can be notoriously difficult to disinfect, and with locker rooms, showers, reception areas, and more, you need a cleaner who has systems to clean a variety of surfaces and areas.

At JAN-PRO® of Greater New York, our years in the cleaning industry have lead us to a full understanding of the cleaning challenges faced by fitness centers and gyms. To ensure even the most difficult-to-clean surfaces and hardest-to-reach areas found in New York City-area fitness centers are fully disinfected, our gym cleaning services use our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfection system. EnviroShield® uses spray-application technology and a non-toxic disinfectant to provide cleaning that is always thorough and safe.

While traditional cleaning supplies, such as cloths and mops, might be able to disinfect smooth and flat surfaces, they simply don’t hold up against the hard-to-reach areas in shoulder presses, treadmills, and rowing machines. By using spray-application technology, EnviroShield® is able to inject its disinfectant into the tight corners and cracks found in fitness equipment, as well as the hard to reach areas around bathroom fixtures and push plates. EnviroShield® wraps these uneven surfaces, as well as porous surfaces like carpets, in a residue-free, germ-fighting shield for maximum protection against bacteria and viruses.

Non-Toxic Fitness Center Cleaning Services for New York City

Our fitness center cleaning services help keep the members at your New York City-area gym healthy by using cleaning products that promote a safer environment. EnviroShield®‘s hospital-grade disinfectant is completely non-toxic and eco friendly. It’s able to knock out a broad spectrum of bacteria, germs, and viruses on contact while at the same time being completely safe for the people who use and work in your facility.

To learn more about EnviroShield® and the fitness centers cleaning services we provide to gyms  in New York City, and Mineola, NY, call JAN-PRO® of Greater New York today at (516) 279-3465.