Professional Office Cleaning in Detroit

Posted on April 2, 2018

When it comes to keeping your workers safe from the spread of germs and viruses, you need to make sure your professional office cleaning service gives your facility in the Detroit, MI area more than just a surface-level shine. While your facility might look clean and smell fresh, without the proper cleaning and disinfection methods, your cleaner could be leaving germs and viruses lurking in cracks, corners, and other hard-to-reach areas.

To make sure your facility stays healthy and safe for your workers, your professional office cleaning service should pay special attention to these key areas where bacteria tends to grow and spread:

  • Restroom fixtures. In addition to being among the germiest places in any office, restrooms also contain a number of awkward and difficult-to-clean fixtures. To make sure your workers are fully protected from germs and viruses in your restrooms, areas like under urinals, behind toilets, and around sinks need to be cleaned.
  • Door handles. With so many different people coming in and out of your office every day, door handles are one of the surfaces most likely to pick up and spread harmful germs and viruses.
  • Computer accessories. The small spaces found in your computer keyboard and mouse are the perfect hiding spot for a broad spectrum of contagions. Computers and their accessories should be disinfected regularly to prevent the spread of germs.
  • Break rooms. If your workers prepare and eat food in the break rooms at your Detroit-area office, it’s especially important that your professional office cleaning service safely and thoroughly disinfects the surfaces in this area.

Thorough and Professional Office Cleaning in Detroit

Along with targeting the areas listed above, your professional office cleaning service should have cleaning systems capable of thoroughly and safely disinfecting the bacteria breeding grounds at your facility. At JAN-PRO® of Detroit, we use our EnviroShield® disinfection system when delivering our professional office cleaning services. This exclusive system uses spray-release technology to cover a wide surface area and disinfect porous, uneven, and hard-to-reach surfaces. Additionally, our EnviroShield® disinfection system uses a non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfectant to remove 99.99% of germs and viruses while keeping workers healthy.

To partner with a thorough professional office cleaning service for your facility in Troy, Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Southfield, Detroit, or throughout the surrounding areas, call JAN-PRO of Detroit today at (248) 936-0300.