How to Reduce Absenteeism in the Workplace with a Comprehensive Cleaning and Disinfecting Plan

Posted on May 11, 2022

What is absenteeism? As a business owner or business leader, it is very important for you understand this term and manage it as effectively as possible for your organization. Absenteeism typically refers to a situation where a worker(s) is frequently absent from the workplace. This excludes situations involving paid leave or pre-approved time off. Although there are many different reasons of absenteeism, we are going to be focusing on sicknesses caused by a lack cleanliness in this article. To find out more surrounding this topic and how you can reduce absenteeism in your workplace, read on!

The Effects of Absenteeism on Your Company

For employers, absenteeism can be a big problem. When employees miss time – productivity declines and other team members are required to step in and pick up the slack. As a result, absenteeism creates a reduction in efficiencies, high administration costs, and understaffing, which could lead to a lack of quality customer service. In turn, this could also create a ripple effect of poor morale amongst other team members. With workers constantly having to fill in for staff members that are missing time, this could lead to stress, frustration, burnout and high turnover.

With respect to the employee who is missing time, in general, they are negatively affected as well. Typically, they will get behind on their work, miss deadlines, lose pay, lose confidence of other team members or ultimately be terminated for persistent absences. This is no good for anyone and illustrates clearly why it is crucial for absenteeism to be tackled head-on within any organization.


Probably the most common cause of workplace absenteeism is sickness. When ill at work, employees suffer from a loss in performance and can even spread their sickness to other members of staff. This could mean that the overall productivity could decline rapidly when considering overlaps of sickness.
Sick employees do cost money, potentially being detrimental to a company if multiple employees are sick at once or if it becomes a repeating occurrence. This means that it is vital to keep workplaces clean.

Clean Workplaces

Workplaces that are cleaned properly can help decrease the chance of catching common colds or the flu. This suggests that when cleanliness and hygiene are a priority, absenteeism and sickness decreases.

Bacteria commonly collect on office surfaces such as phones, bathroom taps, computer keyboards, office chairs, refrigerators and microwave handles, vending machine buttons, and floors. While these are all usual places for bacteria to collect, professional commercial cleaning companies can help you tackle this challenge – even if they are not commonly thought of as the first solution.

By introducing a comprehensive commercial cleaning schedule to your company’s workspace, you will see the results instantly. This investment can support the health and wellbeing of your employees, reduce anxieties about catching illnesses such as Covid-19, and decrease absenteeism. A clean workplace can generate happier and healthier workers, increasing your overall business productivity. A strong, dedicated team is key to the success of any organization!

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