School Cleaning Services in Albany: Reduce the Spread of Germs

school cleaning service in Albany

At JAN-PRO® of The Capital District, we know how important it is for schools to prevent the occurrence of person-to-person germ transfer. Our school cleaning service for the Albany, NY area assists educational facilities such as colleges, day cares, and high schools in maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for both students and staff. Cleaning and disinfecting are two important steps in our general approach to reducing the likelihood that infectious diseases will become an issue at your school. Read on for details about the specific techniques we use to battle bacteria and viruses so your students can participate in the learning process without risking their health or well-being.

Our School Cleaning Service’s Germ-Fighting Techniques

There are several steps that need to be completed to protect your students and staff members from the spread of illness-causing pathogens. Of course, the first line of defense against infectious diseases like the flu virus is to get vaccinated. Other important measures include avoiding densely populated areas like schools when you’re sick. Encouraging your students and teachers to take an active approach to avoiding illness by taking these precautions can go a long way in keeping your school a safer, healthier space.

It’s also crucial to partner with a professional school cleaning service that knows how to fight germs effectively. Take a look at just a few of the strategies we use to reduce the risk of person-to-person germ transfer in local schools and other learning facilities:

  • Cleaning with microfiber materials. Our microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads help us halt the spread of germs by trapping bacteria and grime on hard surfaces like desktops and floors.
  • Use of hospital-grade formulas. We work with powerful cleaning agents that are tough on germs while also being free of toxic chemicals.
  • Focusing on high-touch surfaces. We concentrate on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces that are touched by numerous people on a daily basis. These surfaces include door knobs, toilet flush handles, computer keyboards, and furniture.
  • Preventing the occurrence of cross-contamination. Cross-contamination should be avoided at all costs. We’ve implemented a special system using color-coded cleaning supplies to prevent contaminated cleaning materials from coming into contact with sensitive or freshly sanitized spaces in your school.

Are you actively protecting the health of your students and teachers? Get started with our school cleaning services in Albany by calling JAN-PRO of The Capital District today at (518) 452-1640 to book a no-cost consultation.