Professional Office Cleaning in Albany: Risks and Rewards

Posted on November 18, 2019

Have you considered the improvements that a professional office cleaning company could make for your workplace in Albany? If you’re letting dust accumulation, unclean bathrooms, and general disorganization slide, you may be putting your business at risk in significant ways. At JAN-PRO® of The Capital District, we utilize high-tech tools and meticulous techniques for pristine results that often translate to a better bottom line for businesses. If you’re curious about the risks of skipping professional cleaning and the rewards that come with using a high-quality service, read below.

Risks of Skipping Professional Office Cleaning in Albany

Whether you’re trying to get by with an amateur cleaning team or are taking care of office cleaning yourself, chances are your workplace isn’t as clean as it should be. It’s important to keep in mind that subpar cleaning services work with subpar formulas and techniques, meaning your employees could be left vulnerable to toxic fumes, chemical residues, and cross-contamination.

Employees who are dealing with irritating symptoms related to an unhygienic work environment simply aren’t able to meet their full productivity potential. In other words, your decision to skip professional office cleaning not only has an impact on the well-being of your staff members; it can also result in a less efficient and less productive workforce.

Benefits of Working with a Professional Office Cleaning Service

By choosing to invest in a professional office cleaning service, you’re enabling your business to benefit from the numerous rewards that only professionals can provide. For example, take a look at the following advantages of partnering with our team of cleaning experts:

A healthier workplace. We work with innovative tools and eco-friendly formulas that leave your office safer and healthier than before. From vacuuming with HEPA filter vacuums to mopping with microfiber mop pads, we prioritize your employees’ health during every step of the cleaning process.

A more professional look. Finally, your office in Albany will have a professional look that accurately reflects how you approach your relationships with your clients and staff members.

Consistent results. Our customized cleaning plans and branded tracking system help ensure that we always clean according to your preferences and specifications.

Give JAN-PRO of The Capital District a call today at (518) 452-1640 to learn more about getting started with our professional office cleaning services. We’ll help you set up a no-cost consultation at your workplace in Albany or the surrounding areas.