How Our Professional Office Cleaning Service in Albany Offers A Higher Standard

Posted on January 2, 2020

When cold weather strikes, you’ll typically also see a spike in workplace sick days and overall illness. That’s because people tend to stay indoors more often during these months, allowing germs, viruses, and bacteria to flourish. For businesses throughout the Albany area, frequent cleans from a professional office cleaning service is a great antidote to this situation.

At JAN-PRO® of The Capital District, we’re known for a higher cleaning standard for offices and other workplaces. We know that regular and robust services can make a dent in sick days taken. Deep cleans can even help with focus and productivity, and otherwise improve conditions inside any workplace. We’re confident about the power of our professional office cleaning services because we’ve seen the impact time and time again.

3 Ways We Always Ensure Our Exceptional Professional Office Cleaning Service in Albany

JAN-PRO of The Capital District always uses cleaning protocols and standards that offer robust results with a professional office cleaning service in Albany:

  • Cleanings led by our owner-operators. Whenever we clean a building or workplace, one of our owner-operators is always on-hand. We lead or supervise services to make sure they’re following our detailed cleaning plan, and to otherwise ensure that our rigorous standards for cleanliness are met.
  • A cleaning plan that’s specific to your workplace. We always create a new cleaning plan when working with a new client. That’s because every business has different cleaning needs depending on industry, level of activity, and the features of indoor spaces. With a specific cleaning plan, we can make sure no detail is ignored.
  • A suite of products and cleaning methods that deliver. Not every cleaning product is created equally. With our business, we rely exclusively on a proprietary suite of cleaning products and processes that are tested, proven, and highly effective. We use these to accomplish a higher level of clean for your office.

Accountability is crucial at JAN-PRO of The Capital District. We take multiple steps to track, evaluate, and guarantee the work we do whenever we’re implementing professional office cleaning services in Albany. We know how important it is to be able to count on your cleaners to always get the job done correctly. We’ll make that happen with every service.

Learn more about using our professional office cleaning services in Albany and the surrounding area. Call JAN-PRO of The Capital at (518) 452-1640 for information today.