Dental Office Cleaning in Albany: What You Should Expect

Posted on October 14, 2019

As a healthcare professional, it’s your responsibility to keep your dental office in Albany clean and hygienic. However, this can be incredibly hard to do without the support of an expert dental office cleaning team. At JAN-PRO® of The Capital District, our team is equipped with the expert knowledge and state-of-the-art tools needed to promote health and safety at your dental practice. Read below for details about our specialized cleaning program for dental facilities and what to look for when hiring a dental office cleaning service in Albany.

How Our Dental Office Cleaning in Albany Promotes Health & Hygiene

As not all commercial cleaning companies offer specialized services for dental practices, it can often be difficult for dental facilities to access the level of detailed care they need. Rather than insisting on a one-size-fits-all medical cleaning plan for our clients from various sectors in the healthcare industry, our team at JAN-PRO of The Capital District adapts our MedMetrix® program to meet their specific requirements. In addition, our in-depth knowledge regarding the cleaning challenges that dental practices face enables us to effectively boost health and hygiene at these facilities.

The following are just a few of the things that are included in our dental office cleaning services for the Albany area:

  • Broad spectrum disinfection. Our team utilizes hospital-grade formulas to knock out bacteria and viruses on frequently touched objects throughout your facility for safer, more hygienic surfaces.
  • Use of innovative tools. We work with microfiber cleaning cloths and mop pads rather than their traditional counterparts because of microfiber’s ability to trap dirt, dust, and germs in its microscopic fingers.
  • Indoor air filtration. Without clean air, your facility won’t be an ideal environment for your patients and staff members. Our HEPA filter vacuums remove airborne dust, dander, and allergens from the air in your office for fresher, healthier air quality.
  • Compliance with regulatory guidelines. Our owner-operators have undergone a detailed education program as part of the MedMetrix® certification course to ensure that our cleaning procedures help our clients’ facilities comply with the strict standards of regulatory agencies like the Joint Commission, AORN, and CDC.

Improve standards of health and hygiene at your dental facility today with the assistance of our dental office cleaning team. Contact JAN-PRO of The Capital District at (518) 452-1640 to get started with a free cleaning consultation at your dental practice in the Albany area.