Choosing Janitorial Services in Clifton Park

Posted on February 26, 2020

When you’re looking for janitorial services in Clifton Park, you’re looking for cleaners that can offer consistent, accountable, trusted, and high-quality services. That’s exactly what you’ll get with JAN-PRO® of The Capital District. Over the years, we’ve honed our three-system approach, for comprehensive and convenient cleanings that always come with a full guarantee.

Our services are always tailored to each business we work with. Our owner-operators are fully trained in OSHA regulations and other industry standards, for expert cleanings that can be further personalized based on your industry’s needs.

With JAN-PRO of The Capital District, you get the full power of our robust cleaning sprays and technologies, paired with our diligent methods. These products, which are completely proprietary to the JAN-PRO brand, have been globally tried and tested. Our cleanings quickly remove dirt, dust, grime, bacteria, and germs, while reducing cross-contamination and other concerns, too.

Your Expert Janitorial Services in Clifton Park

At JAN-PRO of The Capital District, we take a deep-clean approach to janitorial services in Clifton Park and the surrounding area. We know that it’s never enough to restore the appearance of cleanliness without addressing the underlying grime and bacteria in any work environment. With thorough and frequent cleaning services, we can minimize germ transfer, address high-traffic areas, and even help keep absenteeism down.

Our three systems guide our cleaning services from the get-go. The JAN-PRO Signature Clean® ensures each and every cleaning meets our high brand standards. The JAN-PRO Technics® is what gets the job done, with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and cleaning products that cut right through germs and grime.

Our JAN-PRO Tracker® is how we’re always able to deliver consistently exceptional results with our cleanings. This quality assurance program tracks and measures our performance on a regular basis, auditing the comprehensiveness of our work and giving you the chance to offer your own feedback, too. With these three systems, you can always be sure you’re getting the detailed, high-quality cleanings we’re so well-known for.

JAN-PRO of The Capital District Cleans Businesses Throughout The Region

At JAN-PRO of The Capital District, we make a guarantee that you’ll always get powerful janitorial services that you can count on. It’s a guarantee we offer to businesses across the regions of:

We resolve any issues with your services in just 24 hours, or we’ll cover your next regular cleaning at no cost to you. That’s the powerful guarantee you always get with your services.

Ready to see JAN-PRO of The Capital District in action? Get started with our janitorial services in Clifton Park today—call (518) 452-1640 to speak to our team.