Why JAN-PRO Owner/Operators Make Better Cleaners

Posted on December 6, 2016

One of the biggest concerns that businesses have when hiring commercial cleaners is reliability. It costs money to switch from one contractor to another, and many commercial cleaning providers suffer from low customer-retention rates that put a strain on their clients.

With JAN-PRO, it’s a different story. Our commercial cleaners boast one of the top customer retention rates in the business, with 93% of customers retained year over year. One of the key reasons for this is our owner/operators, who handle each JAN-PRO contract and perform or lead each cleaning themselves. Unlike the cleaners at many other companies, our owner/operators offer a level of expertise, service, and dedication that are rarely found among commercial cleaners.

Our Owner/Operator Model for Commercial Cleaning

JAN-PRO’s commercial cleaners are unique in the janitorial services industry. Our brand is made up of many local offices, each of which is supported by our national headquarters. Every JAN-PRO office is a locally owned and locally operated business, with all cleanings performed by JAN-PRO owner/operators from the local area.

This model offers our clients several advantages. Your business will benefit from:

  • Industry-leading systems, standards, and protocols from our national brand
  • Local expertise from your area’s JAN-PRO office
  • One-on-one customer service from your JAN-PRO owner/operator

This distinguishes our cleaners from independent cleaners and those with other cleaning companies, who often don’t have the resources, training, or level of investment that our cleaners offer.

Why Rely on JAN-PRO Owner/Operators?

When your business is cleaned by a JAN-PRO owner/operator, you will see why our brand has one of the highest customer retention rates in the business:

  • Our owner/operators undergo extensive training, thanks to our JAN-PRO Signature Clean program. This program offers lessons from over 25 years of commercial cleaning that have been tried and tested in thousands of workplaces worldwide.
  • One of our owner/operators will be in charge of your cleaning contract, handling the details of your account and performing or leading each cleaning of your business. This offers an unmatched level of personal service and ensures the responsiveness that businesses need when service issues and cleaning emergencies arise.
  • Many other companies will use different cleaners on different days of the week or rotate cleaners in and out of your workplace. With JAN-PRO, this will never happen. The same owner/operator will lead each cleaning of your workplace to ensure consistent and immaculate results.

Partner with JAN-PRO and discover why we boast one of our industry’s top customer retention rates. To connect with commercial cleaners in your area, call 866-355-1064 today.